Friday, April 5, 2013

It was Time ....

Ok so I thought it was time to blog .. get back on the train .. re-connect with my blogging world.
What shall I blog about?

I could tell you about the Volcano Explorer Weekend that we had for my son's 8th Birthday
I could tell you how exciting it was to have a Welcome back to NZ BBQ for one of my favourite blog and IRL friends
I could tell you about the dangers of not keeping your kids home from school when they are sick
I could tell you about house renovations

To be honest there are loads of things I could tell you about.

But where to start?

1 comment:

Neetz said...

I know mate..I have so much I have missed out on sharing with everyone, but it's hard to find where to start again aye?? So I have just started a 30 day blog challenge, just to "kick things off again" hehe.. (hope it works as I have been a real slacker!).
Love and hugs and catch up soon xxx Neetz x