About US

This is me, Tracy without an E
I am a full-time Mum and step-Mum
I LOVE scrapbooking and crafting
I am OBSESSED with the colour Orange
I am an ECE Teacher
I am renovating my house
I am in love
I LOVE animals and nature
My dream is to one day live off the grid and be self-sufficient
I have been a widow since 2010

This is RJ, my first born baby! He was born in March 2005.
RJ is Autistic
RJ is a carbon copy of his Daddy in looks!
RJ's favourite colour is yellow
RJ loves going to school and is an excellent reader, he LOVES reading everything!
RJ is a very proud Scout
RJ wants to be a professional lego builder when he grows up.
RJ is a sweet, kind, helpful kid who is very quickly growing into a very sensible and thoughtful young man.

This is AN, my little Pink Princess. AN was born under extreme circumstances in July 2007. We are very lucky we didn't lose her.
But despite her rough start AN is a little fire cracker!
Abbey goes to school which she LOVES.
Everyone says AN looks like her Mummy (poor girl) but she has got the personality just like her Daddy. She has a very quirky sense of humour and is the cheekiest thing around.
AN favourite colour is Pink and her most favourite thing in the world is her Bear.
AN is a social butterfly with a wide group of lovely friends.
AN plays Hockey and has aspirations of becoming a Black Stick

This is 'The Man'
He doesn't really want to feature on my blog, and I will respect his wishes, but he will be mentioned and there is a lot to say about him.
All you need to know for now is I love him and things are fantastic right now. He lives here with us. He has a daughter, TS, which makes me a step-mum every second weekend and some of the holidays, she is also only going to be on here briefly.

This is Jason.
He was my best friend, my love, my soul mate.
He was an AMAZING husband and father.
He LOVED his family above all else.
He was a US Marine, a bartender, a trades person, a waiter and lastly a Corrections Officer.
Jason was killed doing his job.  He died the way he would have always wanted to - 'In The Line of Duty'.  But Jason didn't want to die, sadly he had that choice taken away from him, from us.
Jason was the first NZ Corrections Officer to be killed on the job. For that he will be famous. For us he is famous because he will forever live in our hearts.
You can read about us losing Jason here: