Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Night ..

What a crazy busy few weeks I've had. Working full time is very tiring, so tiring I have had no energy to do anything. After the kids have gone to bed I have crashed on the couch or into bed either watching TV or reading. I have had no energy to craft what so ever. At the beginning of this week I was rather sick and as my hubby put it spent a night 'worshipping the porcilan God'! I have only managed to muster the energy to do the basics for my classes (not even finishing LOs!! Only embelishments!) And I feel pretty crap for that! But I am hoping now I am getting over being sick, and am starting to get somewhat used to working every day I might actually start getting time in to craft.

I have had a LO accepted in the NZ magazine Up2Scrap. It will be in the July/August Issue so watch out for that!!

I am going to be posting my Distress and Alcohol Ink classes on the Absolutely Crafty Scrapblog over the weekend so keep an eye out for those, even though I didn't get full LOs completed I have some pretty cool techniques going on (if I must say so myself teehee) and just so you actually believe me here are the two Distress Ink LOs I did get done!!

Bad naughty Blog neglector

Post coming tonight I PROMISE! Plus over at my class blog tutorials for both Distress and Alcohol inks! Stay tuned for more!!!