Sunday, May 17, 2009


of anything interesting! Didn't even have anything to post on my BLOGAVERSARY which was yesterday, a year of blogging wow!! Well I haven't crafted since my last post and well I really don't feel like crafting, which is so unlike me. Have been reading reading reading still working my way through the Harry Potter books in preperation for the movie in July. Jason has had word that his package has reached the last step before he gets the official yay or nay but we aren't excpecting a nay, lets just hope the last step in the processing is a quick one and we can start busying ourselves with moving preperations!! I could be doing that now but I don't want to jinx everything by getting ahead of myself!! Financial situations have led me to going back to work another day a week so now I only have a Wednesday off grrr 'Money is the root of ALL evil!' But that is really it, I guess anticipation of starting to pack my scrap stuff, having one less day to scrap and missing Jase HEAPS are the contributing factors in not feeling crafty lately. Here's hoping next time I blog it's with news of beginning to pack up my scrap space .... a task I am NOT looking forward to!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I was looking through my albums today and I am blown away by how much my style has changed, my skills have grown and how different my pages are from when I first started Scrapping properly after Riley was born just over 4 years ago. So here is my Challenge to you ... I want to see your very FIRST scrapbook page! And I want to see your LATEST page and see how much you have changed! Don't be embarased because we all started ou as novices!! So here are mine .....

Can't wait to see everyone elses!! I'll draw a random winner for a undecided upon prize in a few days time :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Creative Unblock!

I seem to have recieved my Mojo back and am very much enjoying it! Here is what I have done this week ....

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Online Crop

Fiskateers had an online crop going on over the weekend for National Scrapbooking Day. There were HEAPS of challenges going on and I have sadly only had a chance to do two so far! I am itching to craft and do ALL of the challenges thay have on but sadly children need attention (who would've thought?) and I've had an extra yesterday too (babysitting for a friend) so no crafting time for me! I do however plan to put the kids to bed, drink copius amounts of cocacola (perhaps mixed with a bit of Kahlua) and scrap the night away!!
Anyway this is what I have achieved over the last few nights

This is sketch #17 at 52 Sketches, I just LOVE this pic of Riley, he looks so thoughtful! And for those of you who don't know Blues Clues HERE is the title inspiration :)

This was the first Online Crop Challenge I did ... The Challenge was for the Aussies and Kiwis only and it had to have a 'Time' theme or the word time in the title. I did this one quite differently from the way I usually do as I searched out a title first then chose the pics and paper lol worked well though!!

This is the second crop Challenge I have finished. The Challenge was to use the word 'BEE _____' in the title. As soon as I read this challenge I knew excactly which photo I wanted to use!! 'Little BEEauty' As I was putting it together I was frowning but the finished result makes me smile! It's also the first time I've used vellum in quite a while!

So I don't think I've mad a bad effort so far lol!! I have pics printed and ready to go for when the kids go to bed and I have itchy crafting fingers!!!