Sunday, September 27, 2009

Busy Busy Girl :)

I have been very busy today ....

I have completed two Lo's, made Homemade pizza for dinner and a lasagne for tomorrow night. I have baked a choc/coconut slice and we spent the afternoon at the beach with the kids, I feel like a domestic Goddess today hahahaha
Here are my LOs ... it has been a day for Riley :)

Now off to decide if I am going to cook a banana cake, ice my slice or curl up on the couch with a movie!?

Creative Day

Yesterday I had a lovely creative day. The weather was horrible so we were inside all day and it got my mojo on the go! Here's what I created ....

This canvas has the little prints from our annual Positive/Negatives photo shoot we do through my work/the kids daycare, Kindercare. The photographer gives you a tiny print of each photo they take with the order number on it. This year it was very hard to pick which ones we wanted to buy, but the little ones are very cool to use too!

And I also did a LO ... keeping with the Black & White photo theme!

I'm having a Stampin' Up party on Monday night with Jacquelyn Pedersen on Monday night so I'm quite looking forward to that, I'll let you know how it goes, until then lets hope I have another creative day today ... although now I've said that and see the beautiful sunshine coming in my window ... maybe not!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Halloween Time!!!!!!

I know it is a teeny bit early but it's my FAVOURITE time of year so I get excited early!!!
Every year we throw our kids a Halloween party and I have already been making invites and goody bags for this ... however due to the fact my hubby may be getting a new job out of town we might be moving before Halloween so sadly our Halloween party may have to be cancelled this year. I am very sad about this but I know the reason why is a good one.
So to all those Halloween Junkies out there HAPPY HALLOWEEN PREPERATIONS!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


First one in a while hopefully it has unblocked my LO block ....

My hubby seems to think that this LO needs something else ... I dissagree ... what do YOU think?

Saturday, September 19, 2009


aToday my friend Katrina is getting married. I haven't had a wedding to go to in a LONG time!! I got quite excited about it! I get to make wedding stuff!!! I made her card and I made her a horse shoe ... this horse shoe is a real horse shoe covered with fabric and lace. It has given me an opportunity to use my sewing machine, which by the way has been used a bit lately! I am becomming a sewer which is making me feel rather clever hehe! I have hemed and fixed several pairs of pants, sewn the inside lining for a beanbag and now made the horse shoe cover. I'm quite proud of myself!! So here are the pics ... One Wedding Card and one Wedding Horse-Shoe ...


The Wedding was fabulous! Katrina looked amazing (as all brides do!!) and the rain that was threatening all morning at least held off for the whole ceremony (it was outdoors) ... Just a couple of pics involving the Horse Shoe!

Abbey posing with the Horse-Shoe before we left this morning and her giving it to the beautiful bride!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kids Stuff

Well my friend Jennie made a box for her daughters hair ties and clips. I really liked that idea and wanted to do one too, but I wanted one with compartments to seperate the clips and ties. So I found this plastic box in the junk I have (hehe) and decided to alter it. Well I have never altered a plastic box before and I found it much more difficult! But here is the finished (not so fine) project ...

Now Riley wants a Hair Tie Box, I did mention to him that he doesn't have any hair ties and he decided he needed a car box then! Best get to work then huh!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More Crafting

someone must have sent me a 'round tuit' because I am finally getting 'around to it' on alot of projects I have wanted to do for a long time!! When I was pregnant with Abbey (gee didn't she just turn 2?) I got a friend take some pics of my baby belly. I have wanted to do something with those pics since they were taken (two weeks before Abbey was born!) I did scrap them for Abbeys album but I wanted to do something else ... and here is that something else ... Finally!!!

This altered canvas is now up on the wall above Riley's belly cast which I really must get around to doing something with!!!!

now off to get onto MORE unfinished and unstarted 'wish list' projects!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Busy Busy Girl :)

I have been very busy today and completed a few 'On-My-To-Do-List" things ...
Ages ago I bought a big wooden A and R to decorate for the kids bedrooms. Last night I did the A and showed Abbey this morning, ever since Riley saw the A he has been nagging and moaning and harrassing me to do his R!! So that is now done too!! Here they are ...

Riley insisted his be Yellow (his favourite colour, he's obsessed with it!) and they are both hanging above the kids beds in their bedrooms now. I'm very pleased with how well they turned out.

The reason why Riley was harrassing me about doing his R is because I was busy with another project this morning. In the night last night I woke up with an idea ... I have been thinking for a few days now what I could do for Jason for Fathers Day (which is on Sunday here in NZ)and the idea sprung up on me in the middle of the night!
If you have been following my blog you will know that late last year my darling hubby went to America planning on re-enlisting in the US Marines. He turned into a Marine right out of High School and ever since he has been in New Zealand I have heard and re-heard every Marine story he has to tell. As much as he wanted to re-enlist to help out our family to be in a better position, he also wanted to do it for himself ... as the saying goes "Once a Marine, Always a Marine". Well 8mths later with the US in a state of Economic crisis, and the Marines cutting back heavily on their enlistees my dissapointed and down-hearted hubby came back to New Zealand. I know he is really dissapointed he couldn't re-join his comrades and have his family live in his Home Country. Jase has a loyalty to the Marines like nothing I've seen before, I dunno if it's a military thing, an American thing or just a thing! But he is very proud of all his memborillia he has from when he served his country. I have started a scrapbook for his photos and such things but there are a lot of bulky things that I can't put in an album. So for Fathers Day to say "I love and appreciate all you have done for us" I made him this ....

I am soooo pleased with how it turned out and really hope he likes it!! Now his ribbons and medals etc can be in a little safe place :)

I'm on a real crafting roll at the moment!! Lets hope it continues on!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Clip Boards and ATCs

Ok so this started out as a gift for a friend, sadly I didn't have any papers the colours she said were here favourite so I ended up doing the clipboard for myself opps!! Hehe darn now I have to go shopping! ok so here is the finished product ...

I used Kasiercraft Blushed paper range

And as promised here are the Twilight ATCs

I almost forgot .....


in the southern hemisphere anyway!!!


I am not a sewer ... I know how to sew a simple line and that's pretty much it lol I know the theory of sewing but haven't had alot of practice. Earlier in the year my Aunt upgraded her sewing machine and gave my Mum her old one which was in turn an upgrade on hers and so I got my Mums old one. I have been the proud owner of a sewing machine for a while now but until this morning I hadn't used it. I took a deep breath and I hemed two pair of trousers before the needle broke!! I am gutted .. but also inspired!! I just found a really cool beanbag pattern HERE and it looks really easy so I'm going to give it a go ... after getting a new needle of course!! I really want to do one for each of the kids bedrooms so I'll be on a funky fabric hunt on the weekend! Wish me luck!!
PS to all you sewers out there any hints tips and advice is MOST welcomed!!!