Saturday, September 19, 2009


aToday my friend Katrina is getting married. I haven't had a wedding to go to in a LONG time!! I got quite excited about it! I get to make wedding stuff!!! I made her card and I made her a horse shoe ... this horse shoe is a real horse shoe covered with fabric and lace. It has given me an opportunity to use my sewing machine, which by the way has been used a bit lately! I am becomming a sewer which is making me feel rather clever hehe! I have hemed and fixed several pairs of pants, sewn the inside lining for a beanbag and now made the horse shoe cover. I'm quite proud of myself!! So here are the pics ... One Wedding Card and one Wedding Horse-Shoe ...


The Wedding was fabulous! Katrina looked amazing (as all brides do!!) and the rain that was threatening all morning at least held off for the whole ceremony (it was outdoors) ... Just a couple of pics involving the Horse Shoe!

Abbey posing with the Horse-Shoe before we left this morning and her giving it to the beautiful bride!

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Jennie said...

oh trace, that is lovely!!!