Friday, July 13, 2012

Back in Prison ... again

I seem to spend a lot of time at this Prison!
Today I am back at Spring Hill Corrections Facility. I am a VIP at the Graduation of a bunch of newly recruited Corrections Officers.
What do I say to a bunch of guys heading into the job that killed my husband?

I looked for quite some time and I found this poem ....

A Walk Along Your Beat

I walked along your beat today
It was concrete, steel and dismal grey.
A place where evil, anger and hatred live
within the walls each day.
My walk was just a visit, a glimpse of what you see,
It takes a certain kind of being, to do the jobs you do,
Courage is a must,
Not knowing one minute to the next,
If the stories that you have heard, will one day be told of you.
It helps to see you have BROTHERS you can trust.
Its a different world these men live in due choices they have made
Some will do their time and learn from their mistakes,
Others will return again to the slamming of the gates.
I understand a lot more now, than I did before today
For you walk among a beat of concrete, steel and hate!!
Wear your badge with honor, Take pride in all you do
Know that many of us are safe at home, and we

By Wife of RIDOC Correctional Officer

Take some time today to think about the people who get up every morning and keep you safe by doing one of the crudiest jobs around. Just try to imagine what it must be like working with the biggest criminals in our country. Dealing with the scumbags of the world.  Rapists, Murderers, Druggies, Sociopaths.
Corrections Officers and Police Officers do this EVERY single day of their jobs. They get slammed and disrespected and dishonored by EVERYONE. Not just the people they work with but by the general public.

Do me a favour today and put yourselves in their shoes and remember that these people don't do this job for money, because they don't get much, they do it because they want to Serve and Protect our country, our citizens ... you.

I am proud and honored to be a part of the Family called Corrections. And I am incredibly grateful that today I will be meeting a bunch of new Officers who are willing to put themselves in this position when so many others aren't.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Solo Sickness

I am sick
I hate feeling this yuck.

The worst thing about being a widow and feeling like this is the fact that I have no-one to look after me.
I have littlies and no one but me to look after them. So when I'm sick I have to keep doing all the things I do every other day because I have no one else to take over the jobs for me.
My friends, who are trying to be nice, say rest, take a break, relax. I can't. If I rest and not do the things that need to be done they build up and then I have twice as much to do the next day. I don't have that other person to pick up the slack for me and my kids aren't big enough to do a lot of those things either. So I get up and do what needs to be done. I have no time to feel like crap.

But on the upside
I have learnt to solider through things. I have learnt that I can be strong even when I really don't want to. I have learnt that a hug from my kids when I'm not feeling well is the best medicine ever.

I have a shop to get ready to open. I have a house to keep out of chaos and two beautiful children to care for. I have no time to be sick!

So for now I will wallow, the chores are done, the kids are asleep and I will have a little time to myself to just be sick!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

More of nothing but loads of everything

I have nothing much to blog about. My life at the moment is revolving around painting, carpeting, stock taking, spread sheets .... all stuff to prepare for the shop opening. There is still sooo much to do and time is running out WAY faster than I would like!! It has been much harder getting out and getting stuff done during the school holidays, although my kids have been pretty good about it all.

So in lieu of a fantastic post about amazing things I will just give you some more before and after pics of the shop!!

Oh and just a little Product tease!!!

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