Saturday, February 28, 2009

Been Busy

Catching up on all the sketches I missed from 52 Sketches!!! I discovered the site when they were on Sketch #7 so I'm going back and doing the first 6 sketches ... And I'm loving them!
I also recieved a fantastic RAK from Kell Jo at Fiskateers, full of Cloud 9 'Be Loved' papers and embellies, and a fabulous scalloped heart squeeze punch from fiskars! Love it!!

I have done one LO using the wonderful new Valentine themed stash and am planning on working on another one tomorrow!!
Until then here is what has been keeping me busy :)

And on another new front I am an Aunty again!! My oldest brother has just had his 4th child, 3rd son!
Sebastian David Grose born 26th Feb weighing 5lb 4oz.

This is Sebastian with his smallest big brother Xavier and Daddy

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just a quicky post

Just to show you my latest LOs .. I have discovered 52 Sketches in 52 weeks (see blinkie -------->) and I am loving it!! I LOVE sketches!!
Anyway both these are sketchs from there!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Whew ... what a week!

Another slack week!! The renovation on my scrap space didn't help me to get in a crafting mood. I have had a tough week emotionally (missing my husband BADLY) and work has been a small drama saga so I've been rather drained! But I have done some things, not much but some!!

I submitted a LO into the NZ Scrapbook mag Up2Scrap it didn't get in ... so now I can show you here ...

This is the first time I have used a transparency and I quite enjoyed it!!

I did do one LO this week! Using Heidi Grace's We Are Family range ...

Well my wee man Riley has had a lot going on lately. He seems to have been missing his Daddy more than ever, mentioning it often (which brings me to tears!) In the car the other day he says "I've got my mummy like Ben (his best mate) has his mummy, Ben has his daddy but I don't have my daddy. I miss my daddy" and just today he asked me "mummy is daddy coming back?" I cried both times! My poor little man! But this week begins a new chapter in my sons life as he is moving into the 4 year old class at pre-school on Monday. He has grown rather attached to his 3yr old class teachers and I hope he copes well with the change, he's had so many changes in the last few months to last him a life time! So to say thanks to his teachers, Sarah and MiHwa, I made these today ...

They have magnets on the back so they can be attached to the fridge! They went in a totally different direction to what I had planned but I'm pretty happy with them nonetheless :)

Ok now I'm off to do a LO as I am actually feeling rather crafty and slightly inspired!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

When a Scrappers hubby is away .....

her scrap space gets bigger!!!

Today I spent the better part of the afternoon renovationg my scrap space. I am loving it! And I hope that it inspires me to create!! Here are the pics ...

My son is a Scrapper :)

Riley (who is 4 next month) has always watched me scrap. He helps out with cutting with my fiskars cutters, he punches shaped out for me, hammers my eyelets and helps out in lots of different ways. I finally thought it was time for him to do his own LO ... he LOVED it!!
This is his first effort ... He did everything himself, picked the paper the embelishments everything ... I did help him with spelling the title.

This is his second LO, he did it this morning ... he needed a little help with the eyelets (I did guide him in wanting to use the eyelets!!) but again like his first effort he chose everything himself, and again I helped him spell the title, he was very dissapointed I didn't have a number 5 the same as the star letters, also that I didn't have a 4th stop sign for the 4th corner of the photo!!

I am so proud of him :) He seems to have a simplistic style, prefering to put a small amount of embelishment to enhance the photo lol But I LOVE it!! I can't wait until payday so I can run off and get an album for him to keep his LOs in :)
The only downfall of having another scrapper in the family is that I have to share my stash!!!

Slack week

I feel that every second week I have a BLAH week where I do little to no crafting then the following week is craft everyday!!
This week I have done ONE LO, last week I did a LO a day!
I can not show you the LO I did this week because I have been very brave and submitted it to the NZ Scrapbooking Magazine Up2Scrap, there are also 3 other catergories they have listed that I would also like to try and do LO's for! Lets hope I can get crafting today after Abbey goes to bed!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

**RAK Winner**

Well it was pretty much concensus that the newer version of the 'Christmas at the Zoo' LO was the better of the two and I totally agree!! Amazing what a huge impact such a small difference can make!!!!

Thanks for all the wonderful feedback and comments .. I very much appreciate it!

The winner is ... Heidi #1841 ... email me at with your mailing address

Thanks everyone for playing

Amazing Giveaway

Go check this out .. Websters is giving away a whole Line of the most amazinly beautiful paper you have ever seen!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Two LO, One Day

Bit stoked with myself today, it's been a while since I have done more than one LO in a day and today I have done two!!
With Jase not here it's much harder to get Scrapping time during the day, today I put Abbey to sleep, let Riley watch a DVD and got some time to sit at my desk and create during the day!!
Maybe I can do it again tomorrow? We will have to wait and see!!
Here are my efforts for today ....

Which One? RAK

Last night I did a Christmas LO and wasn't overly happy with it ... this morning I pulled it apart and made a change ... Which one do you like best?
Leave a comment and I'll enter you into a RAK for some chipboard Alphas ...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Back on Track :)

I don't really want to jinx myself but after a couple weeks break I seem to be back on track with my LO a day goal .. here are the last 3 days worth of work ....

These were made from Heidi Grace's Sugar Plum Forest range which I won from lead fiskateer Angela

Another goal I have is to use my stash .. I have some beautiful papers which I've been too scared to use .. This LO was done using My Minds Eye Daydream range ..... My Minds Eye is my favourite paper brand at the moment and I am slowly getting almost as much of it as I have Kaiser!!

Well now I go off to concentrate on my favourite TV Show at the moment 'Supernatural'

Monday, February 2, 2009

Absent Love

On the most part I'm doing ok with Jason been a million miles away. I miss him terribly, but mostly I am ok. Sometimes though I have sad moments and tonight I am having one ... because of this LO I did ...

This was not long before Jason left, one of the last Family outings we had. I really love the photo ... it's 5 mins walk from our house and it was the first Sunday Market day. I just loved that big Hobbs' Wharf banner which said 'Memories Are Made' .. I'm so glad Jason's Mom was there to capture the moment, and now a Memory has been Made!!
I can't wait until we are back together as a family and one of my resolutions is that we get many photos of us ALL together as a family .. I have LOTS of Jase and the kids, a few of me and the kids and even fewer of us all. I also have a goal of getting many more photos of Jase and I together, because since the kids have come along that doesn't happen much either!!

Miss you honey ... alwaysforeverandeternity xxx

GroundHog Day ...

Ever seen that movie where Bill Murray is stuck in the same day over and over and over and over ... well that's what it feels like for me at the moment. Same routine every day, days roll into one another and basically the only things that change are the clothes and the LOs. This is why there hasn't been much blogging, simply because there is nothing to blog about!!
I did go to my local LSS store on the weekend .. The Craft Spot .. they also have a store called the Bargin Spot (it doesn't have much Scrapbooking supplies, mostly stationary) and they were having a massive everything for $1 sale! I walked out with a few bits and bobs, 20 to be excact because I spent $20 lol. But at my LSS I got a 'My Minds Eye' Paper pack - Just Dreamy, Star Bright These guys just happen to be my favourite brand at the moment, they also had a bunch of Basic Grey on sale for $1 so I picked up a bunch of that.
I have been scrapping .. it's my sanity saver, my long quiet evenings on my own are perfect to scrap. Although I miss Jase terribly having him not here does get me scrapping more!! Here are the last few days efforts :)

Oh well off to another day the same as the last and the next!! At least it's a long weekend this weekend wooo!!