Sunday, February 15, 2009

Slack week

I feel that every second week I have a BLAH week where I do little to no crafting then the following week is craft everyday!!
This week I have done ONE LO, last week I did a LO a day!
I can not show you the LO I did this week because I have been very brave and submitted it to the NZ Scrapbooking Magazine Up2Scrap, there are also 3 other catergories they have listed that I would also like to try and do LO's for! Lets hope I can get crafting today after Abbey goes to bed!!

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kirstenmidgley said...

I hope you get your mojo back this week. I too have submitted to up2scrap (and am waiting to hear before putting pages on my blog), and some pages I would like to have submitted have been on scrapbooking sites for their page sketches etc, so I can't submit them - a real pain. Here's to a crafting week for you!