Monday, February 2, 2009

Absent Love

On the most part I'm doing ok with Jason been a million miles away. I miss him terribly, but mostly I am ok. Sometimes though I have sad moments and tonight I am having one ... because of this LO I did ...

This was not long before Jason left, one of the last Family outings we had. I really love the photo ... it's 5 mins walk from our house and it was the first Sunday Market day. I just loved that big Hobbs' Wharf banner which said 'Memories Are Made' .. I'm so glad Jason's Mom was there to capture the moment, and now a Memory has been Made!!
I can't wait until we are back together as a family and one of my resolutions is that we get many photos of us ALL together as a family .. I have LOTS of Jase and the kids, a few of me and the kids and even fewer of us all. I also have a goal of getting many more photos of Jase and I together, because since the kids have come along that doesn't happen much either!!

Miss you honey ... alwaysforeverandeternity xxx


Ziggyeor said...

sorry you're hunny is away. It's a very Lovely LO I like the rubon/sticker over the photo, it's a nice touch.

Mardi said...

Hopefully you will be together soon! Love your LO!