Sunday, October 26, 2008

My poor baby girl :(

Today we were cleaning out the garage and the kids were wandering around "helping" our driveway is short but steep, and Abbey managed to get out of the garage and tumbled down the drive! I saw it happen in slow motion and there was blood and I cried! She is fine, a little grazed but none worse for wear. But here are the pics of my poor precious with her banged up face

Halloween is Keeping me busy!!!

I spent half the night and all morning making these

They are the goody packages to take home after the party! VERY cute I scraplifted the idea of Debby from Fiskateers!! Thanks Debby! Nic had sent me the instuctions to make these little caddies ages ago and I've wanted to make them for a while! Glad I finally got round to doing them because they were WAY easier than I ever expected! I might have to make a couple of full sized ones for my pencils etc as these ones are quarter the original size!! Now I just need to fill them with sweet goodness and they will be all ready!!


Friday, October 24, 2008

One Week Until Halloween

And here is my latest LO

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Halloween RAK

A wonderful Fiskateer named Lisa is having a Halloween RAK over at her blog Go check it out to win some Adorable Heidi Grace Halloween clear Stamps!!! Hopefully I win and not you though!! HEHEHEHE

Sunday, October 5, 2008

October means HALLOWEEN!

I LOVE Halloween, it has ALWAYS been a favourite of mine, I have somewhat an obsession of the paranormal and creepy. I LOVE shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (my all time fav) Supernatural, X-Files etc etc and all the movies like Underworld, Van Helsing, Hell Boy, Dracula, Blade stc etc. Vampires are my favourite, I read and watch anything Vampire related, just a little weird thing that not so many people know about me lol! Anyway! Halloween has always been a favourite of mine even though it isn't hugely celebrated in NZ. My friends and I have had Halloween Parties for years. And since marrying Jase (who is American) we have an Annual Halloween Party for our kids to celebrate their American culture as such. Each year the parties are getting better! And our friends all hugely anticipate the Palmer Haloween Party!! It's great and I LOVE it!! Anyway ....

I made some invites for the party today and this is them

All the details of the party are on the back of the tags. I'm really pleased with them! Now I'm off to get some more Halloween crafts done, only a couple more weeks to get ready!!!!