Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween is Keeping me busy!!!

I spent half the night and all morning making these

They are the goody packages to take home after the party! VERY cute I scraplifted the idea of Debby from Fiskateers!! Thanks Debby! Nic had sent me the instuctions to make these little caddies ages ago and I've wanted to make them for a while! Glad I finally got round to doing them because they were WAY easier than I ever expected! I might have to make a couple of full sized ones for my pencils etc as these ones are quarter the original size!! Now I just need to fill them with sweet goodness and they will be all ready!!



Nic said...

you will have to blog one full of goodies to show me! nice efforts!!

doverdi said...

You definately were busy. I made an 8x8 one of these & they definately are quick & easy to make. They look great too!