Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fat or is it Phat?

I've come to the conclusion I am fat. Ok I've known for a while.

{illustration from here}

Not can't get up off the floor fat, or need two seats on the bus fat. But feeling uncomfy in my favourite jeans fat, bulges hanging out my clothes fat, not wearing shorts in summer fat, and too wobbly belly fat.

I like to use the excuse of 'I am a grieving widow and I am a comfort eater." This statement is true, but it's an excuse. There are three real and honest reason's I am fat and why I am going to keep getting fatter. Let me explain them to you.

I love food.

I love ALL food. I like to eat. I don't like missing out on food. I am also a bit of a binge eater. I will be good for a week. Not eat any chocolate, chips, lollies or any of that "naughty" food. Then I will sit down and eat a whole packet of Tim Tams in one sitting. Or a whole packet of potato chips with a container of dip. I'm bad like that. Very bad. I am most definitely a comfort eater. I eat when I am upset. I also eat when I am bored. And the worst thing since Jason died is I eat late at night when I am lonely. Bad bad bad. It's all bad.

I am lazy

I am so lazy. I love veggies. And I adore salad. I love yogurt and porridge and all that other good food that is good for you. I really do. But it is quicker and easier to grab a packet of biscuits than get all the salad stuff out and chop it up. I will ALWAYS choose the easy option if it's there. I am so very lazy. It is bad bad bad. It's all bad

I hate exercise

I hate it with a passion. I hate sports. I hate running. I hate almost everything that can be called physical exertion. I don't mind walking, I do enjoy swimming. Almost anything else I avoid. I would rather sit on my couch and work in the new butt indent (which my new couch doesn't have yet)

Those three reasons are definitely why I am getting fatter by the meal.

It is time (once again) to get back on the weight loss band wagon. Or maybe they need to make me run behind it? I dunno. But I NEED to do something. I am fatter than I have ever been and I do NOT want to go up another pants size. I would however like to go down a couple. So here I am putting it out there! Any suggestions will be taken gladly. I think step number one will be actually getting off my fat butt and getting some exercise into my life. Then we will work on the bad bad food going away. And the laziness with my food preparation. Summer is so good. It is easier to eat less in Summer, although Christmas, very bad!! But we will work on it.

There I said it now it must be so!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Inspired by Pinterest

How nice is it to have a roaring fire!!! We won't talk about the repairs that needed to be done before I could use my fireplace, or the fact that it is getting too hot for a fire. But ohh it's lovely!!

Ages ago I made THIS little drawer set for Abbey's hair stuff. I used 6 large matchboxes to make it which meant I had all the matches that came from those 6 boxes!! What was I going to do with them?? Don't worry Pinterest to the rescue!! Inspired by THIS (which originally came from HERE)I decided to make an orange version!

Of course it looks fabulous sitting on the hearth ... gotta love my bits of orange around the place!

And while we are on the topic of orange ....

A while back the lovely Leonie and I spent a whole morning going to every single second hand shop in Whangarei. I think there were 6 in total plus we also went to the Demolition Supermarket! It was a fantastic day and we picked up some AWESOME things! One of my bargin finds was this stool which I got for a mere $2!! Can you believe it!

I picked up some stunning orange & white fabric at a Spotlight sale and I knew that I was going to use it on my stool!!

So ....
Many coats of white spray paint, some foam, many staples from the staple gun and my beautiful fabric I now have a stool that looks like this ...

I am so very much in love with this stool!!! I am also pretty proud of my first try at upholstering! There is plenty more on the cards so I figured it would be safe to start out small!!

I still have a bit of that fabric left over so I will have to try and find a use for it!

And just because I can my first Before and After!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome Home Palmers

We are finally home .. in OUR house!! What an AWESOME feeling!! When I saw that door mat I knew I HAD to have it because it sums it all up!

I don't have any photos to show you about the move or anything exciting to show yet but man how exciting!!

We spent the first night in the house on mattresses on the floor in the living room, then the trucks came and moved everything the next day.

We are still not properly unpacked, there are boxes all over the place and the garage has lots of stuff in it that will eventually come into the house but I can take my time .. I am not going anywhere for a long long time ... if ever!

Owning your own home has the downfalls too. Like the fact I have had to have the fireplace repaired before we could use it. I need jobs done by roofers, plumbers, electricians and drain layers! I have called a million trades people and had so many quotes!! This part of home owning I am not enjoying. I hate talking on the phone!!!

I have BIG plans! I have made a Home Reno Book (in orange of course!)

I am using it to write down what needs to be done, what I want to do. I am putting paint and fabric samples in there. Pinterest ideas, anything! I have promised my Mum I won't do anything until I have lived here for a few months and I am sticking by that promise. I have so many ideas and the longer I am here the more I know what I want! I can not wait to start painting and wallpapering and all the other things I am going to do!! It is sometimes hard to be patient!!

The fun part is I have bought wallpaper, curtains, new furniture. I have BIG ideas and I am going to get to do it all!! Whoop Whoop!!

So keep an eye out for my Home Reno posts!! I am gonna have lots of before and afters coming up!!

YAY!! For finally being Home!

Dinner at the Fat Camel

When us Whangarei Bloggers went to the Fat Camel for Leonie's Farewell ......

This was the 2nd time I had been there. The first time was with Leonie and Becky for a lunch. I was pretty impressed with the food the first time and super impressed with both food and service when we went for dinner.

The food was sooo yummy and there was sooo much of it!

And the dessert oh my mmmmmmm

Leonie was such a sweetheart and she made us all a beautiful little crochet heart broach. And in our favourite colours!! I wish I had of got better photos of them.

And of course there were lots and lots of laughs and hugs and photo taking.

who knew that vanilla sticks made awesome mustache's!

What an awesome farewell for an amazing friend!!

And OMGoodness a bonus Orange find on the way home!!

Of course I am the last to write about this night (slack slack slack!!)
Kiwi At Heart
Paisley Jade

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bad Bad Blogger!!

And it isn't like I have nothing to blog about either!!! I just have had a small unscheduled blog break, I haven't read blogs, I haven't commented on blogs and I certainly haven't written any!!

BUT .....

That is about to change right now! I will catch up on the posts I promised as well as everything else I have to blog about!! Fun times ahead fun times!!