Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dinner at the Fat Camel

When us Whangarei Bloggers went to the Fat Camel for Leonie's Farewell ......

This was the 2nd time I had been there. The first time was with Leonie and Becky for a lunch. I was pretty impressed with the food the first time and super impressed with both food and service when we went for dinner.

The food was sooo yummy and there was sooo much of it!

And the dessert oh my mmmmmmm

Leonie was such a sweetheart and she made us all a beautiful little crochet heart broach. And in our favourite colours!! I wish I had of got better photos of them.

And of course there were lots and lots of laughs and hugs and photo taking.

who knew that vanilla sticks made awesome mustache's!

What an awesome farewell for an amazing friend!!

And OMGoodness a bonus Orange find on the way home!!

Of course I am the last to write about this night (slack slack slack!!)
Kiwi At Heart
Paisley Jade


PaisleyJade said...

Better late than never!! LOVED that night and that orange bike was so awesome. Must do it again sometime girls!! (with mustaches - haha).

jacksta said...

It was such a fun night!

Cat said...

You Whangarei girls do blogging get togethers SO well!

Leonie said...

Yes Tracy it was an AWESOME night, made perfect by awesome friends. Miss you guys soooo much and wish I could just pop into town!!!