Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fat or is it Phat?

I've come to the conclusion I am fat. Ok I've known for a while.

{illustration from here}

Not can't get up off the floor fat, or need two seats on the bus fat. But feeling uncomfy in my favourite jeans fat, bulges hanging out my clothes fat, not wearing shorts in summer fat, and too wobbly belly fat.

I like to use the excuse of 'I am a grieving widow and I am a comfort eater." This statement is true, but it's an excuse. There are three real and honest reason's I am fat and why I am going to keep getting fatter. Let me explain them to you.

I love food.

I love ALL food. I like to eat. I don't like missing out on food. I am also a bit of a binge eater. I will be good for a week. Not eat any chocolate, chips, lollies or any of that "naughty" food. Then I will sit down and eat a whole packet of Tim Tams in one sitting. Or a whole packet of potato chips with a container of dip. I'm bad like that. Very bad. I am most definitely a comfort eater. I eat when I am upset. I also eat when I am bored. And the worst thing since Jason died is I eat late at night when I am lonely. Bad bad bad. It's all bad.

I am lazy

I am so lazy. I love veggies. And I adore salad. I love yogurt and porridge and all that other good food that is good for you. I really do. But it is quicker and easier to grab a packet of biscuits than get all the salad stuff out and chop it up. I will ALWAYS choose the easy option if it's there. I am so very lazy. It is bad bad bad. It's all bad

I hate exercise

I hate it with a passion. I hate sports. I hate running. I hate almost everything that can be called physical exertion. I don't mind walking, I do enjoy swimming. Almost anything else I avoid. I would rather sit on my couch and work in the new butt indent (which my new couch doesn't have yet)

Those three reasons are definitely why I am getting fatter by the meal.

It is time (once again) to get back on the weight loss band wagon. Or maybe they need to make me run behind it? I dunno. But I NEED to do something. I am fatter than I have ever been and I do NOT want to go up another pants size. I would however like to go down a couple. So here I am putting it out there! Any suggestions will be taken gladly. I think step number one will be actually getting off my fat butt and getting some exercise into my life. Then we will work on the bad bad food going away. And the laziness with my food preparation. Summer is so good. It is easier to eat less in Summer, although Christmas, very bad!! But we will work on it.

There I said it now it must be so!


Lisa said...

You are beautiful,

I know what you mean though!
I have been doing weightwatchers feelinh heaps better already

PipStarRose said...

yeah, i hear ya! even un-officially following weight watches points is so good i reakon...making a food diary- had worked for me. And im the same on exercise but something that changed my mind on that was the couch to 5km challenge that Simone introduced me to!

Sima J said...

Yeh go the couch to 5km .. which is made even better if you have someone to walk/run with - esp if that person is not someone who will just say 'lets not do it today' :-) Also I think having 6 days of the week where you eat healthy and then have one day where you can eat whatever you like helps .. then you can hang in there for the week in the knowledge that you will have one day of rubbish food! ALSO having a goal to work towards i.e. a 5km marathon run or a 10km one .. or a half marathon (though I haven't got to that distance yet!!) Sport Northland run events like this :-)

jacksta said...

Im with you on all those reasons especially loving food.
Maybe setting a good example to the kids would be a good motivator. My kids eat way healthier than me because I make them...but I treats when they are asleep in bed. bad!
I start exercising on monday!
maybe you could do something while abbys at kindy?

PaisleyJade said...

I am such a food lover too (especially baking) and never ever exercised until I had my last kid... then with family health issues and realising I was actually overweight I started exercising a bit and eating less. Def helped but so easy to put back on at times too!

You go girl - I am sure you will find a plan that works best for you... but no matter how you look you are such a beautiful person who always cracks me up!!!

p.s. maybe we need to turn our bloggers group into a weight loss group. If you don't lose weight each week you have to wear a mustache all the next week as a punishment!!!

mandyb said...

*sigh* i am in the same boat....roll on warmer weather so i can start walking in the evenings!!! worst part though is i cant be bothered after a full on day at work!!!!
NOT wanting a bigger size of pants is what is making me move!!!!

Jenny said...

On point 1 I am with you. But I also comfort eat ... and this year I have comforted myself a lot. And point 3 - hear you there too. I also feel I must do something but at the moment the motivation is not there

Alisa said...

I weighed in with a friend yesterday... back on the weight loss wagon.. I hope. I am dreaming of losing at least 10kgs before turning 30. I need to lose a lot more that that. I am here if you need a email/txt/FB support buddy :)

Anonymous said...

ohh Tracy I didnt no you were doing a post on me!!!!

I have been thinking about this over the last few days......

time to say haere ra to fat rolls and wobbly pukus!

p.s OMG the word verifications are weird lol

Handmade in the Bay said...

I've been using and it's great, I've lost 3.9kg in 4 weeks. I have become more aware of what I'm eating, and have learnt that some things you thought were healthy, aren't really! You can have treats, you don't have to starve or miss out! I don't do a whole lot of exercise, but have been doing Jillian Michael's 30 day shred, and have lost 5.5cm from my waist. There's a TMMPB MFP group on FB too, ask to join, and have a nosey!

Rachel Kate said...

There's probably a lot more people than you think in the same boat Tracy! Perhaps we can motivate each other :)

Handmade in the Bay said...

Hi Tracy,
Just letting you know that I have moved my blog from The Simple Things In Life to Handmade In The Bay.
Hope you are keeping well xx

meg said...

Hi Tracy,

I think most of us struggle with this! I so know what you mean about the comfort eating at night. I have to find something to do which doesn't involve being in the kitchen.

I've been going to WW meetings and have found it really good. It's quite realistic and based on eating healthy but also not depriving yourself of anything. I think if you totally cut out things like chocolate then you're bound to binge on them.

I'm down 13kg since June and I can't quite believe it! For me the big thing is writing everything down. Losing weight is actually very straight forward.

Eat better
Do some exercise
Be accountable via a food diary or buddy or meeting or something

I've heard that 80-90% of weight loss is what you eat so that's probably what you need to focus on. Exercise does make me feel good and less inclined to eat crap.

Good luck!