Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Orange-fying my world

Orange is my favourite colour. It has been for as long as I can remember. I once worked with a lovely lady called Sarah and she also loved orange to the point of obsession! I never once saw her without an orange item of clothing on and her house was decked out in orange. One of the Women's magazines even did a story about her orange obsession back in September 2003 ....

The Amazing Miss Orange

As a child, Sarah Kaye had one or two orange outfits, which she loved, but the real turning point in her life was in London 12 years ago. "I was on my OE and doing some shopping," she explains. "I found this amazing French Connection orange skirt and a little later that same day, a pair of fabulous orange shoes at a little pokey shoe shop. Of course I bought both things and my orange self was born!"
From that day on Sarah was obsessed with orange, a fact that she cheerfully admits.
"Orange is to me what black is to other women. I have nothing black in my house; everything is orange."
Back in New Zealand, Sarah (32) worked as a daycare centre director.
"The children and their parents knew me as Miss Orange. It's a lovely, bright cheerful colour and I always felt the children enjoyed it too."
Along the way, Sarah met husband Jody, a self-confessed conservative dresser.
"I tried to get Jody into orange," says Sarah. "I bought him orange boxers, which he wore once. Then I tried a Hawaiian shirt but he didn't like it. His orange tie made his workmates laugh and finally he said to me, 'Sarah, I will never stop you being orange but I'm just going to be me.'"
Despite finding orange clothes a little loud, Jody has been happy to let his wife's creativity reign fairly free in their Auckland home.
"If I had my way, I'd have orange walls, carpet, furniture and everything else but we've settled on feature walls and orange accessories," says Sarah. "Of course we're still working on the house so there's a long way to go. A lovely man at our local Resene's store made up perfect orange paint for me and I used it in the lounge. I can't find orange carpet anywhere but I do have my eye on orange leather couches."
Two more future challenges include a car - orange was popular in the 1970s but doesn't appear much these days - and an orange fridge. Sarah says her orange obsession has led to some interesting experiences. "Some people are really awful and say outright that they don't like it. Strangers can be the rudest."
On the other hand, Sarah and daughter Molly (one) can't visit the local supermarket without getting into friendly conversation with somebody who comments on Sarah's clothes, shoes (she has them specially dyed but would love to find a good supply of ready-made styles) or bag. As a rule, Molly doesn't wear orange - her father thinks it might be a bit much - but the odd sneaks in all the same.
"As far as I'm concerned, my orange-ness will last forever," says Sarah, "I'll be wearing it and living with it even when I'm an old lady!"
And for the record, yes, Sarah even has orange underwear. She dyes 100 percent-cotton bras and knickers and if the item is synthetic, she decorates it with a little orange flower or ribbon bow.

Now although I'm not quite as extreme as Sarah I am obsessed with the colour orange and have been slowly orange-fying my house with different orange accessories. Over the years I have picked up the occasional orange item but the real renovations started in the craft room ....

I went to every $2 Store and Variety store in Whangarei and found baskets, boxes, containers. I also bought orange spray paint and duracell to 'alter' certain non-orange items I had, to keep costs down.

Orange isn't contained in the craft room though you can find it in the ....



Dining Room


I have even bought some orange upholstery fabric to recover my couches (keep an eye out for updates on that)

I have even done some orange scrapping!

So if you are ever looking for something to get me for Christmas or Birthdays (hint hint) you know which road to go down!!!
This orange-fying is still a work in progress so *WATCH THIS SPACE* for regular updates!