Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Better Scrapbooking November Scrap Pack

What a stunning Scrap Pack this month!!
It was cram packed with gorgeous Jillibean Soup's Blossom paper range. Soooo pretty!!

Perfect opportunity to do some more lovely Abbey LOs!! I do love doing girls stuff!

This big photo of Abbey has been hanging around for a while. I have been wanting to scrap it for ages and these papers just worked perfectly with it! This was her first Kindergarten photo, she just got her 2nd one taken today! I can't wait to see how it turns out! I just love how the photographer has gone right away from the traditional sit on a chair pose for the Kindergartners. Abbey told me her photo taken today was a Lion in the Logs! I am very excited to see that one!

Another Kindergarten pic. This is one of Abbey's best friends at Kindy. I just LOVE this photo of the two of them!! Two gorgeous girls!

This photo was taken at my beautiful cousin Sherri's wedding. I had no idea that the photographer had the camera pointed at Abbey! But man I am glad she did I LOVE this photo!

As soon as I saw this Jillibean collection I thought about Abbey and what I want to do for her new bedroom. We are still quite a way away from decorating in there but I thought I could start with the little things so I made this lamp shade.

It was just a cheap Bunnings Warehouse lamp with a pale pink shade. I like it much better now!

To see how I made all these check out the latest Better Scrapbooking Newsletter HERE

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Accidents Will Happen ....

You know I always thought that out of my two Kids that Abbey would be the one to have the first major injury. She was the one who was the more adventurous, more brave and well frankly more accident prone, see HERE. So when Riley ended up with stitches in his eye brow I was surprised (see HERE) So again I was surprised when Riley was the first to break a bone.

Mum and I had put the trampoline up a couple of weeks earlier, but we hadn't managed to get the safety net up. The weather had been quite awful so the kids hadn't been on the tramp since we put it up. It was a lovely day and Mum and I were sorting some stuff out inside. Riley and Abbey were jumping on the tramp for the first time. They thought it was fun to be jumping off the tramp into the grapefruit tree. After seeing them both do this Mum and I decided it was time to get the safety net up. Half way through putting up the 3rd pole Riley jumped off and landed on his arm. He caused a fuss about it cried and was holding it gently. I told him to sit quietly while I finished putting up the net. I figured I'd keep an eye on it and see what happened. he was fine sitting for a bit, but when he tried to get up using that arm he shrieked and I knew I would have to take him to the doctor. So off to White Cross (the local A&E) we went. Several hours later we had x-rays confirming that he had fractured his wrist. A plaster cast was put on and home we went.

2 weeks later we went back to take the plaster cast off and get his more stable fibre glass one on. Riley chose a pretty blue (only because they didn't have his favourite colour yellow!)

Just before we got the new cast on

Getting his new cast on

Another 3 weeks after that we went back to the clinic to get it taken off! As soon as Riley saw the saw that gets the cast off he started freaking out. He screamed the roof down and we had to have an extra nurse to help hold him still. But we finally got there and apart from a skinnier, whiter arm from the other one, it's all good!

Now I guess I just hold my breath for the next trip to the A&E!!

Mairtown Kindergarten Art Auction

On the last day of term Abbey's Kindergarten had a Fundraising Art Auction.

Several weeks earlier the teachers sent one blank canvas home with each family. The Adults in the family were to create a piece of art to put in the auction.

Being arty crafty I volunteered to do a few more canvases, and there were a few things I wanted to give a go so two birds with one stone kinda thing!! I also convinced a couple of friends to donate their time and creative flair too! Thanks Becky & Nicola!!

There was some pretty AMAZING Art Work produced by the families! It was awesome!

This is what I made .. All inspired by Pinterest of course!

Originals HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE

Many of the children also made canvas Art at Kindergarten which weren't up for Auction but were for sale on the night. Of Course Abbey made TWO canvases so I had to buy them both! Lucky they were so awesome!!
Here she is posing with them at the Auction ...

It really was a fantastic night! Every single piece of art was sold and the Kindergarten raised $1600!!! WOW!! That is FANTASTIC! The money raised is going on developing some of the outdoor area which you can read about HERE

Check out the Mairtown Blog for their version of the event HERE

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fat or is it Phat?

I've come to the conclusion I am fat. Ok I've known for a while.

{illustration from here}

Not can't get up off the floor fat, or need two seats on the bus fat. But feeling uncomfy in my favourite jeans fat, bulges hanging out my clothes fat, not wearing shorts in summer fat, and too wobbly belly fat.

I like to use the excuse of 'I am a grieving widow and I am a comfort eater." This statement is true, but it's an excuse. There are three real and honest reason's I am fat and why I am going to keep getting fatter. Let me explain them to you.

I love food.

I love ALL food. I like to eat. I don't like missing out on food. I am also a bit of a binge eater. I will be good for a week. Not eat any chocolate, chips, lollies or any of that "naughty" food. Then I will sit down and eat a whole packet of Tim Tams in one sitting. Or a whole packet of potato chips with a container of dip. I'm bad like that. Very bad. I am most definitely a comfort eater. I eat when I am upset. I also eat when I am bored. And the worst thing since Jason died is I eat late at night when I am lonely. Bad bad bad. It's all bad.

I am lazy

I am so lazy. I love veggies. And I adore salad. I love yogurt and porridge and all that other good food that is good for you. I really do. But it is quicker and easier to grab a packet of biscuits than get all the salad stuff out and chop it up. I will ALWAYS choose the easy option if it's there. I am so very lazy. It is bad bad bad. It's all bad

I hate exercise

I hate it with a passion. I hate sports. I hate running. I hate almost everything that can be called physical exertion. I don't mind walking, I do enjoy swimming. Almost anything else I avoid. I would rather sit on my couch and work in the new butt indent (which my new couch doesn't have yet)

Those three reasons are definitely why I am getting fatter by the meal.

It is time (once again) to get back on the weight loss band wagon. Or maybe they need to make me run behind it? I dunno. But I NEED to do something. I am fatter than I have ever been and I do NOT want to go up another pants size. I would however like to go down a couple. So here I am putting it out there! Any suggestions will be taken gladly. I think step number one will be actually getting off my fat butt and getting some exercise into my life. Then we will work on the bad bad food going away. And the laziness with my food preparation. Summer is so good. It is easier to eat less in Summer, although Christmas, very bad!! But we will work on it.

There I said it now it must be so!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Inspired by Pinterest

How nice is it to have a roaring fire!!! We won't talk about the repairs that needed to be done before I could use my fireplace, or the fact that it is getting too hot for a fire. But ohh it's lovely!!

Ages ago I made THIS little drawer set for Abbey's hair stuff. I used 6 large matchboxes to make it which meant I had all the matches that came from those 6 boxes!! What was I going to do with them?? Don't worry Pinterest to the rescue!! Inspired by THIS (which originally came from HERE)I decided to make an orange version!

Of course it looks fabulous sitting on the hearth ... gotta love my bits of orange around the place!

And while we are on the topic of orange ....

A while back the lovely Leonie and I spent a whole morning going to every single second hand shop in Whangarei. I think there were 6 in total plus we also went to the Demolition Supermarket! It was a fantastic day and we picked up some AWESOME things! One of my bargin finds was this stool which I got for a mere $2!! Can you believe it!

I picked up some stunning orange & white fabric at a Spotlight sale and I knew that I was going to use it on my stool!!

So ....
Many coats of white spray paint, some foam, many staples from the staple gun and my beautiful fabric I now have a stool that looks like this ...

I am so very much in love with this stool!!! I am also pretty proud of my first try at upholstering! There is plenty more on the cards so I figured it would be safe to start out small!!

I still have a bit of that fabric left over so I will have to try and find a use for it!

And just because I can my first Before and After!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome Home Palmers

We are finally home .. in OUR house!! What an AWESOME feeling!! When I saw that door mat I knew I HAD to have it because it sums it all up!

I don't have any photos to show you about the move or anything exciting to show yet but man how exciting!!

We spent the first night in the house on mattresses on the floor in the living room, then the trucks came and moved everything the next day.

We are still not properly unpacked, there are boxes all over the place and the garage has lots of stuff in it that will eventually come into the house but I can take my time .. I am not going anywhere for a long long time ... if ever!

Owning your own home has the downfalls too. Like the fact I have had to have the fireplace repaired before we could use it. I need jobs done by roofers, plumbers, electricians and drain layers! I have called a million trades people and had so many quotes!! This part of home owning I am not enjoying. I hate talking on the phone!!!

I have BIG plans! I have made a Home Reno Book (in orange of course!)

I am using it to write down what needs to be done, what I want to do. I am putting paint and fabric samples in there. Pinterest ideas, anything! I have promised my Mum I won't do anything until I have lived here for a few months and I am sticking by that promise. I have so many ideas and the longer I am here the more I know what I want! I can not wait to start painting and wallpapering and all the other things I am going to do!! It is sometimes hard to be patient!!

The fun part is I have bought wallpaper, curtains, new furniture. I have BIG ideas and I am going to get to do it all!! Whoop Whoop!!

So keep an eye out for my Home Reno posts!! I am gonna have lots of before and afters coming up!!

YAY!! For finally being Home!

Dinner at the Fat Camel

When us Whangarei Bloggers went to the Fat Camel for Leonie's Farewell ......

This was the 2nd time I had been there. The first time was with Leonie and Becky for a lunch. I was pretty impressed with the food the first time and super impressed with both food and service when we went for dinner.

The food was sooo yummy and there was sooo much of it!

And the dessert oh my mmmmmmm

Leonie was such a sweetheart and she made us all a beautiful little crochet heart broach. And in our favourite colours!! I wish I had of got better photos of them.

And of course there were lots and lots of laughs and hugs and photo taking.

who knew that vanilla sticks made awesome mustache's!

What an awesome farewell for an amazing friend!!

And OMGoodness a bonus Orange find on the way home!!

Of course I am the last to write about this night (slack slack slack!!)
Kiwi At Heart
Paisley Jade

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bad Bad Blogger!!

And it isn't like I have nothing to blog about either!!! I just have had a small unscheduled blog break, I haven't read blogs, I haven't commented on blogs and I certainly haven't written any!!

BUT .....

That is about to change right now! I will catch up on the posts I promised as well as everything else I have to blog about!! Fun times ahead fun times!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Holiday In Christchurch

Man where oh where do I begin?!?!

Well a long long time ago My friend Nicola convinced me that I needed to go down to her home town of Christchurch to attend the Scrappin' Patch Retreat in September. I though hmm well ok why not. So I booked my spot paid my deposit and didn't think too much about it.

After all that, Christchurch was devastated by some pretty horrific earthquakes, destroying many iconic buildings, losing many lives and turning the lives of many upside down. {read about it HERE} So when September suddenly appeared I was quite excited (as well as a little nervous) about heading down to Christchurch, and the South Island, for the first time.

So on Wednesday, 6 nights after I moved into my new house, I was heading to Christchurch on an airplane!

I have never flown on my own before so that was a new experience for me. But once I stepped out of the airport to see my lovely friend Nicola waiting for me I was completely at ease and totally happy to be there.

I spent 2 nights with Nicola and her family. I got to have a little look around Christchurch and witness some of the earthquake damage. It was common sight to see bricks piled up against broken walls, curbs with humps and cracks everywhere from the roads to the houses. Thankfully (for me!) there was no after shocks while I was there but the people of Christchurch have to continue to live with these constantly. I really feel for them.

Something else I got to do while in Christchurch was to visit the Scrap It Simple store that my friend Hilary owns. If you remember I helped Hilary out with her stall at SENZ in June. It was really nice to be able to see the 'real' shop and catch up with Hilary as well.

Friday afternoon Hilary picked Nic and I up and we headed to Glentui for Scrap Camp!! It was a lovely drive out there and I was very excited to see Snow on the Southern Alps!

We were the last to arrive and after taking our bags up to our room, unpacking our totes and getting settled in we were straight into our first class with our International Tutor, Steph Devlin.

Our first class was an Off the Page project on a canvas.

I really enjoyed making the little canvas and was pretty pleased with how it turned out. It was amazing how we all did the same thing but every ones looked different. It was a great night.

I shared a table with Nicola and Hilary and we were so lucky to be sat with the two most fun and lovely ladies ever! Jo and Anne. They were a blast and we have decided next retreat we are all going to bunk in together! So cool to make new friends!!

Our table was right next to the fire place and the AMAZING view out the HUGE windows.

Glentui was an amazing venue. The food was plentiful and delicious. The grounds were spectacular. It is certainly a place I would recommend to anyone!

After the class we stayed up and did some scrapping of our own and then toddled off to bed. Nothing Quite like scrapping in your PJs!!!

Saturday was an early morning and a great day filled with another class with Steph, lots of kits and free scrapping, laughs, food photo taking and snacks. Another late night (1.30) and then talking until who knows when!

Sunday came with another early start a bit of scrapping, and packing up. We had planned to have lunch and head home. While we were packing up we heard news there was a 4.5 Aftershock in Christchurch. The only quake while I was there and we didn't even feel it out at camp!!

Hilary drove us back to Nicola's place after lots of farewells and then off to the airport to head home.

It was sad to say goodbye but also really great to be heading home to my kiddies who I missed a lot!! And by their reactions to seeing me I think they missed me too!!

Such an AWESOME weekend with some AWESOME ladies. I can't wait to do it all again!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Goodbye Leonie

Quite some time ago I started reading this blog called Kiwi At Heart. I think THIS was one of the first blog posts I read. The lovely Leonie had left some very heartwarming comments on some of my more depressing posts and so I started following her blog. And boy am I glad I did.

In February the wonderful Jacksta-B organised a bloggy get together with some local bloggers. I didn't know anyone, except Paisley Jade whom I went to Primary School with 100 years before! (ok maybe over exaggerating a little there) But I was pretty nervous. I didn't realise that Leonie was going to be there. I had read about her moving back to NZ, but didn't know it was close to my home. So I was pleasantly surprised and really happy to finally meet her. Now the fame of our AWESOME bunch of Whangarei bloggers has spread far and wide (hehehe) but it is completely true that we all get on so well and everyone of those ladies I can call my friend.

Leonie is a pretty special lady and I am so so blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know her, and have her as my friend. So when things didn't work out for her family in NZ and she made the decision to go back to Australia I was pretty sad to have to say goodbye to one of my favourite people.

Us bloggy ladies had a farewell dinner for Leonie at The Fat Camel and we had a blast. It was so much fun, even though it was tinged with sadness.

{this was such a great night I'm gonna do a blog post all about it soon}

And the night I moved into my new house Leonie and two of her adorable children came and ate fish'n'chips with us on the floor! I am really glad she got to see the house (and was my very first official visitor!) and that I got to have an extra bit of time to say goodbye.

I am going to miss you Leonie but thankfully because of the Internet you will never really be that far away!

Another one of our wonderfully talented Whangarei Bloggy friends Neetz made this video clip for Leonie ...

Love and miss you loads Leonie!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Charmed Life Challenge

The lovely Alisa posted about this thing called The Charmed Life Challenge originally on FaceBook and then over HERE. I really loved some of the ideas that were on this list of challenges and decided that I would jump on board and give it a go.

To me this list is about making life fun and enjoyable again. It totally fits in with my New Beginnings motto of the moment

So this is my revised list of 100 Charmed Life Challenges.

1. Give something broken a new life (a skirt, a squeaky wheel, scuffed shoes).
2. Put something beautiful on a bit of blank wall you see every day.
3. Wear something you love that you think “just isn’t you.”
4. Send a thank you note, for anything.
5. Spend an afternoon reading.
6. Cook in a vintage apron.
7. Have luncheon: a slow midday meal with cloth napkins and wine.
8. Go out of your way to do something kind for a stranger (offer a seat, hold the door, leave your copy of Us Weekly on the elliptical).
9. Donate five items from your closet that don’t make you feel unstoppably gorgeous.
10. Take care of a nagging life admin item (a trip to the post office, filing an insurance claim, making a doctor’s appointment).
11. Buy an utterly frivolous piece of lingerie.
12. Invite friends over for cocktails, dinner, or brunch.
13. Wake up an hour early to have a leisurely morning.
14. Try something that looks like pure fun (accordion, crochet, burlesque).
15. Dance. In public, in the living room, with a partner, with yourself.
16. Flirt with a stranger. (Smiling counts.)
17. Get rid of five things in your home that don’t bring you pleasure.
18. Go to a parfumerie or department store in search of a signature scent.
19. Buy flowers for your home or office.
20. Make a recipe from a fruit, vegetable, meat or fish you’ve never cooked before.
21. Walk barefoot in the grass or on the sand.
22. Have a media-free day.
23. Write down everything you feel grateful for.
24. Hold a baby.
25. Pet a puppy.
26. Ask someone to tell you their life story.
28. Read a biography of your favorite glamorous screen star, or the bravest, most badass real life heroine.
29. Eat fresh berries, straight from the green paper pint.
30. Create an occasion to wear your most impractical pair of shoes.
31. Write down your wildest dreams.
32. Have a proper weekday coffee break: ceramic cup, idle gossip, and staring out a window.
33. Visit a playground and swing.
34. Make lemonade. (Literally or figuratively.)
35. Go to a junk or antique store; consider what your favorite object has seen in its life.
36. Jump in a body of water. Float.
37. Give someone a hug; let them let go first.
38. Look at the stars.
39. Replace one utilitarian item you use every day––a measuring spoon, a file folder, a key chain––with something really, really beautiful.
40. Pamper your body with a massage, an overdue haircut, a trip to the sauna, or a soak in the tub.
41. Research something that sparks your curiosity (Arthurian legend, photosynthesis, investing). If you’re still curious after a 15-minute google session, dive deeper.
42. Make a collage of beautiful images that resonate with you.
43. Read aloud to someone you love.
44. Forgive yourself.
45. Forgive someone else.
46. Spend an hour in silent reflection.
47. Dine by candlelight on a weeknight.
48. Take a walk after dinner.
49. Wear your no-fail, cheer-me-up lipstick.
50. Give a genuine compliment to an acquaintance.
51. Have a glass of champagne, just because.
52. Spend one day taking pictures of everything you find beautiful.
53. Describe your perfect day in writing.
54. Block out an afternoon (or day) on the calendar to make some (or all) of it real.
55. Select one drawer or surface and organize it.
56. Write a love letter.
57. Do something you loved as a child.
58. Upgrade your sleep wear, or go Marilyn-style.
59. Do the one thing you were relieved/sad wasn’t on this list.
60. Pretend for one day that you are as confident and amazing as you want to be.
61. Buy fresh flowers for your home
62. Take 15 minutes to eat a delicious, artisan dark truffle
63. Go skinny dipping (or at least go swimming)
64. Visit the farmer’s market and inquire about the life of one farmer. Get into his/her world.
65. Tell someone exactly what you desire without shame
66. Spend a day doing nothing except relax
67. Throw a dinner party
68. Dress up to go to the grocery store (I’m talking make-the-butcher-turn-his-head dressing up)
69. Send a surprise I-think-you’re-fabulous handwritten note to someone
70. Get a massage
71. Bring up an intoxicating topic with friends (anything around love or travel is always a good choice)
72. Choose a feeling you desire to experience and think/do/be whatever it takes to create it
73. Serve your dinner in courses and spend at least twenty minutes with each. End with a bite of something delicious.
75. Do something completely out of character (for example, if you’re shy, force yourself to say hello to a stranger)
76. Write a love note to yourself
77. Invite someone you desire to know to lunch
78. Put a trip on your calendar that you desire to take within the next 6 months
79. Learn 5 new words in a foreign language and actually use them
80. Kiss someone (even if it’s your dog)
81. Try an exotic food you’ve never tasted
82. Pretend that everyone loves you and wants you to be a huge success
83. Light candles
84. Ask more questions and talk less
85. Read a poem to someone you love
86. Teach a kid something they’ll never forget (e.g. card trick, secret handshake or a funny word like gardyloo)
87. Take one small step that frightens you
88. Wear a flower in your hair
89. Pretend for one day that you don’t know your age
90. Watch a foreign film
91. Throw a slumber party
92. Turn a common dish into a delicacy (e.g. truffled popcorn, carmelized onion burgers, grilled brie and pear sandwiches)
93. Brag on yourself at least 5 times
94. Pay extra special attention to your posture
95. Listen to romantic, sexy music all day
96. Speak love to every animal you see, including insects
97. Send your worst enemy flowers anonymously (it really does feel good)
98. Catch moments of negativity and charge them with laughter
99. Donate $10 to your favorite charity. Every little thing matters
100. Smile a lot. Best beauty tip on the market

The plan is to print a couple of copies and try and do as many things off that list that I can. Here's hoping I can get a few marked off soon!

Watch This Space!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Better Scrapbooking September Scrap Pack

This pack was ohh so pretty!!! The papers were from the Cosmo Cricket Earth Love range and I really enjoyed working with it!

I found the papers really versatile to a range of different photos.

And they were really cute too!!

For instructions on how I made all these check out the September Newsletter over at Better Scrapbooking, also check out what the other fabulous Design Team member, Jennie, has created too!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I am going to be AWOL for a wee while but when I get back I will have LOADS to blog about!!


*Better Scrapbooking Design Team Stuff
*Saying Goodbye to a dear Friend
*Moving into my house!
*Christchurch Scrapbooking Retreat
*The Charmed Life Challenge

And possibly more!!! So please stay tuned for loads of posts coming soon!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy First Day of Spring!!

Today is the official first day of Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere. Spring is my favourite season. I LOVE spring flowers, the sun coming back from it's holiday in the North and it just seems to produce good feelings all around.

Spring is the season for new beginnings and I am taking that to heart this year.

Tomorrow is the day I get the keys to the very first house I own. That is exciting. I have decided that Moving into this house is going to be a fresh new start for me and my kids. A brand new chapter in a brand new book.

It's hard to be doing this without Jason. 16mths have gone by and the wound in my heart is still raw and incredibly painful. I miss him terribly. But I have decided that this new house brings us hope and I am determined to begin living my life again.

This is a huge and difficult step for me to make. Taking the first major life step without him in it. And as much as he is going to be a continuous part of our every day lives, it is time for me to stop living in the past. I need to stop with the "If Jason was still here" and the 'If Only ..." "What if ..." and "why?" Jason was, is and ALWAYS will be a part of our lives. But the hard reality is he is never coming back. Dead sadly is forever. And until I let go of my fantasy of him suddenly turning up on the doorstep I can not ever move forward and begin to live. So I am making that decision to take my first step forward. It will be a baby step but a step nonetheless.

So Spring 2011 marks the start of an incredible journey for me. Things will still be hard. I will still cry and grieve and miss my husband. I will still find it difficult to do many things without him. But the difference will be I am also going to be giving myself permission to be happy, to smile, to laugh and to have fun, all guilt free. Because it would be what Jason would want for me, for us as a family.

So HAPPY First Day of Spring!! And to New Beginnings!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun Spring Day ~ I {Heart} Whangarei

Saturday was such an AMAZINGLY beautiful sunshiny day! We had a busy day planned.

We started out at Kensington Park to watch my 4yr old Nephew, Liam, play Rugby. Watching the little guys play is so fun and darn adorable! They have tags attached to their belts and instead of tackling to get the ball, the kids grab a tag instead. It's fun and fast and Liam LOVES it!!

And what a day to go watch him play because he got Player of the Day!! Whoop Whoop!!

We all went back to my Mums place after Rugby and had lunch then Mum, My kids, my Nephews Luke & Liam and I headed out to the opening of the new Porowini Avenue Road extension. They had the road open for the public to walk along and we thought we would take advantage of the opportunity to walk along the road!

I love how now when they build new roads and bridges etc they try to make them prettier. I really loved the designs along the bridge sides. The kids decided they looked like Doves.
We also had to stop and support Morningside Primary Netball Team by buying some food and drinks at their sausage sizzle! (The fact that my good friend Nadia and her kids were manning the stall had nothing to do with it!!)

After the road walking we headed down to the Town Basin for a good play and wander. The thing I love about the Town Basin is there is SO very much to do! The kids had a blast running around and playing. And Mum and I had a great time too!

The Playground there is one of the best in Whangarei

The sculptures and other features around the place are really amazing. Since they are doing a big revamp there were lots of new things to look at too.

The day was so stunning of course we HAD to have ice cream!!!

What an amazing day! And we were all so very tired both my kids and I slept like logs that night!!

Bring on Summer and lots more days like this one!!!