Monday, September 19, 2011

Holiday In Christchurch

Man where oh where do I begin?!?!

Well a long long time ago My friend Nicola convinced me that I needed to go down to her home town of Christchurch to attend the Scrappin' Patch Retreat in September. I though hmm well ok why not. So I booked my spot paid my deposit and didn't think too much about it.

After all that, Christchurch was devastated by some pretty horrific earthquakes, destroying many iconic buildings, losing many lives and turning the lives of many upside down. {read about it HERE} So when September suddenly appeared I was quite excited (as well as a little nervous) about heading down to Christchurch, and the South Island, for the first time.

So on Wednesday, 6 nights after I moved into my new house, I was heading to Christchurch on an airplane!

I have never flown on my own before so that was a new experience for me. But once I stepped out of the airport to see my lovely friend Nicola waiting for me I was completely at ease and totally happy to be there.

I spent 2 nights with Nicola and her family. I got to have a little look around Christchurch and witness some of the earthquake damage. It was common sight to see bricks piled up against broken walls, curbs with humps and cracks everywhere from the roads to the houses. Thankfully (for me!) there was no after shocks while I was there but the people of Christchurch have to continue to live with these constantly. I really feel for them.

Something else I got to do while in Christchurch was to visit the Scrap It Simple store that my friend Hilary owns. If you remember I helped Hilary out with her stall at SENZ in June. It was really nice to be able to see the 'real' shop and catch up with Hilary as well.

Friday afternoon Hilary picked Nic and I up and we headed to Glentui for Scrap Camp!! It was a lovely drive out there and I was very excited to see Snow on the Southern Alps!

We were the last to arrive and after taking our bags up to our room, unpacking our totes and getting settled in we were straight into our first class with our International Tutor, Steph Devlin.

Our first class was an Off the Page project on a canvas.

I really enjoyed making the little canvas and was pretty pleased with how it turned out. It was amazing how we all did the same thing but every ones looked different. It was a great night.

I shared a table with Nicola and Hilary and we were so lucky to be sat with the two most fun and lovely ladies ever! Jo and Anne. They were a blast and we have decided next retreat we are all going to bunk in together! So cool to make new friends!!

Our table was right next to the fire place and the AMAZING view out the HUGE windows.

Glentui was an amazing venue. The food was plentiful and delicious. The grounds were spectacular. It is certainly a place I would recommend to anyone!

After the class we stayed up and did some scrapping of our own and then toddled off to bed. Nothing Quite like scrapping in your PJs!!!

Saturday was an early morning and a great day filled with another class with Steph, lots of kits and free scrapping, laughs, food photo taking and snacks. Another late night (1.30) and then talking until who knows when!

Sunday came with another early start a bit of scrapping, and packing up. We had planned to have lunch and head home. While we were packing up we heard news there was a 4.5 Aftershock in Christchurch. The only quake while I was there and we didn't even feel it out at camp!!

Hilary drove us back to Nicola's place after lots of farewells and then off to the airport to head home.

It was sad to say goodbye but also really great to be heading home to my kiddies who I missed a lot!! And by their reactions to seeing me I think they missed me too!!

Such an AWESOME weekend with some AWESOME ladies. I can't wait to do it all again!!


Nic said...

awesome recap of the weekend - I notice no pic of you straddling the hole.... I may have to blog that myself... LOL come back soon!

jacksta said...

Im sooo glad you had an awesome trip!
I think we need a scrapping project when we meet as can be the tutor!


Anonymous said...

This looks sooo fun,Im too chicken to go to a scrapcamp I suck at meeting new people, I have ahuge fear of being the ugly duckling you no left out lol pretty silly as it never happens but thats me lol, looks like a totally awesome weeknd tho and soo full on for you! your a machine cant wait to see what ya scrapped :)

Cat said...

Go you xxx LOVE you had a weekend away with no after shocks - it really is quite something being in Christchurch and amongst the people and hearing their stories and seeing first hand the damage, isn't it ;'( so sad xxx
Can't wait to see more of your projects
ps: LOVING the pj's shot LOL

PaisleyJade said...

Looks like a fab time away! Love the pic of you scrapping in your pjs!!

Jenny said...

I'm really glad that you had a great time - you deserve it

mandyb said...

sounds like a great trip!!! glad you had such a great time

Rachel Kate said...

Oh looks like such a good time!!