Monday, July 4, 2011

SENZ 2011

Quite some time ago an online friend of mine Hilary and I were talking about the fact that SENZ was in Auckland this year. SENZ is the Scrapbooking, Cardmaking and Papercrafts Expo of New Zealand. We got talking about this and that snd she asked if I could help her out with her stall at SENZ. Of course I jumped at the chance to be involved and so two weekends ago now I went to SENZ as a Scrap It Simple gal!

You can check out Hilary's Blog HERE and her Online store HERE and SENZ HERE

So on the Thursday morning I dropped my kids off at Mums when it was still dark and drove to Auckland to meet Hilary. I arrived at the Telstraclear Pacific Event Centre in Manukau at about 10.30. Hilary and I unloaded all her product and set up her Scrap it Simple Store. We left the centre for lunch and finished up around 7.30pm! Busy day! It was great to see what everyone else was setting up too and meeting lots of people as well.

Hilary's friend made us these awesome aprons to wear over the weekend and come Friday morning we were up and ready to roll!!

At 9am the VIP ladies started coming in. I got the hang of the calculator and how to take percents off prices and we had a pretty steady run on day one. I got to meet the Lovely Louise from Paper, Scissors, Chocolate, who was selling her AMAZING jewelry from her Altered Ambitions etsy store and Debbie popped in to give me an AWESOME Orange early Birthday pressie and some yummy yummy cupcakes. It was nice to finally get to meet Debbie and Louise in person! I also bumped into Jenny, Robyn and Chris, who were some of my regular ladies at the classes I tutored at Absolutely Crafty in Pukekohe. It was really great to see them again.

After dinner out with Hilary I went to bed and totally crashed for the night!!

Saturday morning I went and picked up Jenny from the airport. She had flown in from Wellington and was going to be staying with me at my Aunts place. Then we collected Hilary and went to the centre. (see Jenny's recollections of SENZ HERE)

Saturday was VERY busy!! Hilary and I got hardly any time at all to rest our feet! A 10 min shared sandwich with Jenny and back to work!! Seeing more friends was a bonus, Lisa, Janine and Ruth from Whangarei, my good friend Taryn and her sister and another one of my class ladies Ngaire. After cleaning up for the day we went out for dinner at an Irish Pub which served Indian food! It was lovely and we met up with a few of the ladies from NZ Scrapbook there. After dinner we headed back to the centre for the SENZ Crop.

Jenny, Hilary and I were the last to arrive at the crop and we sat at a table with two lovely ladies, Janelle and Tina. They were so lovely and incredibly funny! We laughed ALL night!

We all got a little dress form to decorate as one of the challenges for the crop. I won a little prize for mine!! And I even managed to get one LO done, which was more than I had anticipated!!

Sunday was another busy day in the Scrap It Simple stand as Hilary made some awesome last day of the show specials!! We had to then have the quickest pack up ever (it took us 55mins!!) to get Jenny and Hilary to the airport to fly back home.

It was such an awesome, fun, busy weekend! Thank you Hilary for letting me be a part of your team for the weekend! It was fabulous and an awesome experience for me. I certainly hope to be at the next SENZ too!!

(also thanks to Hilary who took all the photos from SENZ above)


PaisleyJade said...

Sounds like a fabulous experience!! You are sooooo clever Tracey.

tanyaleigh said...

Sounds like you had fun Tracy and you enjoyed yourself. Would have been awesome to be there :)

Neetz said...

Coolie!!! That looked/sounded heaps of fun (and also some hard work in there too!!).
Nice to have weekends loaded up of stuff you enjoy huh? (I'm like that with music things)!

Jenny said...

It was indeed a great weekend!

mandyb said...

very cool re-cap....sounds like fun!!! and if its in wgtn next year...i SO want to meet ya too

kendylsPlace said...

Wow, looks awesome! Love your layout too!