Sunday, July 31, 2011

Addicted to Pinterest

I am totally addicted! There are the most amazing ideas on there! I also have lots of friends who are as addicted as me (well maybe not quite as addicted, not all of them anyway!!) A few of us were talking about how cool it would be to get together once a month and actually MAKE a lot of the stuff we have 'pinned' instead of just drooling over it!! So I started a group on FaceBook and we are hopefully going to motivate each other to make lots of amazing stuff!

Alisa is challenging herself to make more of her pins you can check her out over HERE

And I will also be updating when I make my pins here too!! So who's up for a Pinspiration Challenge!???!!??!

Come Join us on FaceBook at Pinterest Junkies!


Jenny said...

I don't understand? The pictures are very pretty but where are the recipes/instructions/etc?

Alisa said...

jenny when you click on the picture (pin) it should take you to the original sourse of the picture (and usually instructions)