Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Injuries ....

My daughter is a walking disaster. She has had more accidents than I like to admit, ones that leave nice bumps, grazes and bruises!! She has had by far more accidents than her brother although he had the worst. Well last night running around nudey before the shower Abbey managed to fall in the playroom and cut her chin. Not a major injury but left a lovely cut!

I have so many photos of Abbey's wounds I have decided I am going to make an 'Abbey's Injuries' Mini album ... I will have to make it so I can add pages to it of course!
Any suggestions or ideas are most welcome as I have no idea where to begin! I was thinking of starting by covering the cover in bandages!!
What a tough cookie of a baby girl I have!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fun Filled Family Saturday

Well my boring Saturday ended up been a great one :)
Jase ended up staying home today and we decided to head over to the Pukekohe AMP Show. We packed up a picnic lunch, lots of snacks and bottles of water and headed on over. There were rides and Animals all over the place. The kids had a blast! We saw sheep, donkeys, horses, cows and alpacas!! We got to let the kids go on a couple rides and then on the way home we went through McDonalds and got ourselves a 60c icecream (still dissapointed they have raised the price on those!) Here are some of my favourite pics from the show ....

While bringing in washing from out the back this afternoon, I noticed quite a few perfect spiderwebs hanging from the trees and fence. I decided the kids and I would catch a Spider Web. If you have never done this before this is what you must do ...

#1--> Find a perfect spider web which is suspended between something ie so nothing is behind it
#2--> spray the web all over with a mist of water, or find your web in the morning when it is dewy still
#3--> carefully place a piece of black paper behind the spiderweb and gently pull it forward so the web gets stuck onto the paper
#4--> sprinkle glitter or flour all over the paper and then shake the excess off and you end up with something like this ...

You could experiment with white paper and different coloured glitters but I really like the black and white look :)
Well that's it for me .. off to blob with an ice cold coke infront of American Idol!!

Friday, February 19, 2010


THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY! >>> That means not having to walk Riley to daycare tomorrow morning ... not having to walk and get him in the mid-day heat and that is awesome!! Sadly hubby is working this weekend so no big weekend plans.

I am however looking forward to catching up on my shows with My Sky tonight ... my most favourite being Ace Of Cakes have you seen this show? I LOVE IT!
I have two dreams, they could possibly both happen but they involve having money ...
Dream #1 ... owning my own Scrapbooking Shop
Dream #2 ... running a party planner business

I want to learn how to make amazing cakes like they do at Charm City Cakes. That would ROCK!

Speaking of Parties and Cakes ... Riley will be 5 next month! OMG I know! Where have the last 5 years gone?? When Riley was in my tum tum Jase and I talked about birthdays and how we were going to be horribly mean and not throw a party for our children every year, only the special ones so 1-5-10-13-16-21. Which means this is Rileys first Birthday party since his 1st (hehe) I LOVE hosting parties and I try go all out (those who have been to our Annual Halloween Parties know what I'm talking about look HERE HERE HERE and HERE) Riley has chosen a Robot theme .. I am excited! Its a challenge but gonna be OH So FUN! I have been madly researching EVERYTHING Robot Party related!
So watch this space for LOTS of roboty goodness coming soon!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Woo Hoo Wednesday

Today I went to meet a lovely lady called Gay at Absolutely Crafty. She has agreed to let me take classes at her store!!! I am soooo excited! She gave me some gorgeous papers and matching embellies to work out my class with. I'm nervous and excited and all jelly lol!!

So a BIG WOO HOO to me today!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little Girls Stuff ....

I am by far a Girly Girl .. anyone who knows me knows that, so it's incredibly stange how girly girl my dear Abbey is! She LOVES the colour pink, she choses skirts to wear over anything else, she loves having clips and hairbands in her hair and just recently she has discovered jewelery. I don't wear any apart from my Wedding and Engagement rings. She had a couple of bead bracelets and princess rings in her box which came from who knows where and this week she started wearing them ... alot. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with her bracelet (which she has been wearing since she was born)been at the jewellers. We took it in to get some charms attached. Anyway I digress ... Yesterday after dropping Riley off at Daycare Abbey and I sat on the floor in my craft room and made jewelery. We made a big necklace and several bracelets. She LOVED them. She wore them ALL day. After her bath she put her necklace on, I suggested it might not be very safe to wear while she was sleeping so we hung it on her dresser. Later that night when Jase and I tucked the kids in before we went to bed we discovered Abbey had ALL her bracelets on and had fallen asleep on top of her jewelery box! Too cute! This morning she came out wearing everything again.

What a gem I have for a daughter :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


sit has been a busy day for me today! The kids and I have done some baking and I have done some crafting.
I made the kids a Valentines themed lunch which they devoured!

Here is what we baked for Daddy for Valentines Day ...

Chocolate Chip Cookies with pink icing and silver balls, Red Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Icing Sugar. Jase has been at work all day today so hopefully he enjoys his surprise when he gets home!

I did a LO for the TM Scrappers challenge today the challenge was ... Create a single or double page layout with the theme BIG IS BETTER. you can interpret that any way you like. for example big photos, big embellishments, papers with big patterns on them. big titles etc. let your imagination run wild ... I have been wanting to scrap these pics of Riley for a while and this was the perfect opportunity!

This was the very first time he had let us get his face painted ... I was upset I didn't have my camera with me because it was a little smudged by the time I got to take some photos. But he was a really cool tiger!

I also did another LO which I didn't do specifcally for the challenge but used it for anyway! ...

This was Abbey eating her first solid food her Big Helper brother was very serious about giving it to her, she sure did love it though.

Hope everyone else had a HAPPY VALENTINES xoxoxox

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines ....

Well so much for posting everyday!!
It has been hot and I have been incredibly unmotivated!! I have a few things to show you though ...

Over at TM Scrappers I put out a Valentines Day Challenge. The challenge was to take a photo that represented Love and make a card or LO with it.
Here is my photo ...

I took many many photos to get the kids hands in the right spot! And it was early in the morning so the kids had their PJs on still!! But I'm glad I did it so early because by mid morning it was raining so no shadows!!
Here is the Valentine's Card I Made with the pic on ...

Yesterday I got a box in the mail from my wonderful friend Jennie!! Oh hurray!! it was very exciting! I'll take some pics later on to show you the goodies that were in the box!
And that is all I have!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Valentines Week

This Sunday is Valentines Day. I am hoping to make some cards with my kids to send to their friends and maybe make some treats to pop in the cards too ... Watch this space for what we end up doing!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fun Filled Sunday

Today is Jase's birthday ... I spent most of Friday making his birthday cake. He is a HUGE Tennesse Titians fan and since the superbowl is on tomorrow I thought I'd link it in to his birthday ...
I found a picture of the titans football helmet and printed it out as big as I could. I used that for the template for the shape of the cake, as well as the titans logo. I found a recipe for fondant icing and made the logo out of that, the rest of the cake was iced with butter cream icing. Here are the pics ...

Today for Jase's birthday we decided to do something fun for the day. We packed up the picnic bag and headed out to Parakai Springs Aquatic Park. The kids had a blast! Jase and I enjoyed ourselves too! Here a a couple of my fav pics of the day ...

*Red the Crap UPDATE*
Red the Crab has been found in a few different places over the last few days ... In my underwear drawer, on the top of the coke bottle in the fridge, hanging off my bedside lamp and now he is missing again!! I will try to remember to take a photo when I find him next!

I haven't done any crafting for a while (unless you count the birthday cake) but I do plan to make up for that this week! I have lots of things planned!! So .... Watch this Space!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Introducing Red the Crab

I have no idea where Red came from ... but he was found on the floor one day and My DH thought it was incredibly funny when he joked about me having crabs! Well I thought I'd get one up on him and I hid Red inside DH's jar of anti-chafing cream ... since then it has become a game to hide Red the crab, this has been going on for a few days now, Red has been put under pillows, on dinner plates, hung up on coat hangers, on toothbrushes and last place my DH put him in was my bottle of coke. I managed to get Red out of the bottle and I have hid him under the TV remote control

So I thought I'd update you on Red's Adventures as he has them!! Lets see how long DH takes to find Red tonight and where will he end up next???

Thankful Thursday

I have decided that I am going to try blog everyday ... it may not be interesting lol but I'm gonna try!
Today I am thankful for my amazing husband. He has made so may sacrifices for me. He works hard because he knows I would rather be at home, and he never complains. I love him more than anything. He understands, supports and replenishes my scrapbook obsession. He is a wonderful father to our children, he's funny and I couldn't ask for a better husband. So that's what I'm thankful for today.

Now onto the craft .....

Another TM Scrappers Challenge LO. The challenge was to create a single page layout using one or more fabrics which must have either hand or machine sewing on layout as well.

Well my sewing machine had me swearing as it wasn't zigzagging for me and I ended up hand stitching on this LO.
Before we moved Riley's class planted sunflower seeds. He had two growing when he left and we bought them with us, we had also planted some at home a few weeks before. So when we moved we planted them all in our new garden. When they finally flowered they were amazing! Riley was very proud of his sunflower garden. We only just pulled the sunflowers out this morning.

The fabric for this LO came from a yard sale in America!! Jason did alot af yard saling while he was over there and he found this enormous bag of quilting scraps. I trained him well, he got it and there were alot of lovely bits of fabric in there.
This LO I used a sketch from Page Maps

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WooHoo Wednesday

It is Wednesday, every 2nd Wednesday is payday WOOHOO and that's today. I have spent the morning doing chores and grocery shopping (which I love!!)
My friend Jennie submitted a LO for up2scrap and it has been shortlisted WOOHOO, we are really hoping that both our LOs get in and we can be in the same magazine together!!

Anyway down to crafting business .......

The photos are from our friend Sarah's daughter, Paige's Birthday party back in 2008! Sarah is a volunteer firefighter at the Manly Firestation and they had Paiges birthday there. It was a dress-up party so I got on the phone to my Mum and she sewed Riley up a Firefighter costume. All the kids got to go on a drive around the block in the firetruck! So much fun!!

This is a LO I did for the TM Scrappers challenge that Jennie, Kristine and I run ... The challenge was to pre-pick a old item that has sat at the bottom of a draw for ages! and using your item make a one or two page LO with 4 different papers and it must also include some ribbon.
This is the item I chose ...

Jase bought these stickers back from the states with him in July 09 so they have been sitting there a while.
Since we moved to Pukekohe I haven't spent any money of scrapping supplies, and I am overwhelmed by the fact that I have made so many things and not needed to buy new stuff. I am on a Scrap My Crap mission! I love this blog and I have decided that I want to try go without spending for another 3 months! Lets see if I can do it!!