Friday, January 2, 2009

Accident Prone Daughter

My daughter seems to be in a constant state of healing! She has had graze after bump after bruise!! It all started HERE ... that was her first major accident since then she has fallen out of the pushchair and got another graze and bruise on her head .. fallen on the Kindercare driveway and grazed her knees and nose .. been bitten on the finger by a rat at the pet store ..

and now this ....

This happened at Kindercare on New Years Eve! She fell off the little slide and grazed up her nose, it wasn't until we got home that the bruise on her eye started to come out and today, two days later, it looks just fantastic!!
I have taken LOTS of photos so expect to see a LO soon, actually don't be suprised to see many accident LO's with this wee Princess lol!!


Mardi said...

Wow, that is kinda of scary! Is she really that accident prone?

TracyP said...

Well Mardi, my 3 1/2 year old son hasn't had as many major accidents as her! I think she's just adventurous and has no fear of anything!! I am just hoping that this is as major as it is going to get lol Please don't let her have stitches or broken bones lol!!