Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It is only just recently I have discovered the pagemaps site, I do vaugely remember looking ages ago but it never impressed upon me until now. And I LOVE them!! The last 3 days in a row my good friend Jennie and I have been choosing each other sketches to do. These are the LOs I have completed from the sketches Jen chose for me .....

I now have given myself a goal of completing ONE LO a night, I think it is a goal I can achieve and the pagemap sketches are helping me to achieve that goal!! So every night Jennie is choosing me a new sketch!!
Watch this space for many more LOs to come!!

1 comment:

scrappysue said...

gorgeous layout! it's a good time of year to scrap if it's not too nice outside! i STARTED a layout last night!