Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas :)

Well this will most likely be the last post of the year ... I am heading up north tomorrow to spend Christmas with my Mum and Dad. I am VERY much looking forward to it! SO I'm going to be off line for almost a week.

But here are a couple of things I have done over the last couple of days ...

I made this BRAG book when I went on Scrap Camp and I have put photos and rub-ons on it tonight to finish it off for a present for my Mum

There was an Online Crop over the last couple of days at Fiskateers ... I entered a few Challenges and these are two of the LO's I entered ....

Challenge to scrap some old Christmas Photos ... these are from last years Christmas card photo shoot :)

Challenge to do a LO with the word SNOW in the title ... These were taken at Rockafella Square when we were in New York in November 2006

Oh well, I'm off to bed ...

Have a fantastic Christmas everyone, enjoy spending time with your loved ones, keep safe and I'm hoping Santa is extra kind to you all this year!!!

I'll see you all soon :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Late Night ...

I am up late tonight because I HAD to do some crafting for me!! Lately I have been doing Christmas Cards, Exploding Boxes and other little stuff which is ALL for other people! Tonight was all about doing something for me! So here it is ....

This is another kit from NZ Scrapbook, I enjoying doing kits when I want to do something quick and easy without too much thought!! And I LOVE this one!!

I have also finished the 4th Exploding Box in the set! YAY!!

And that will have to be all because I'm actually tired now! HEHE

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

For Shannon ....

I have had a few people ask me "what is an Exploding Box" when I tell them I am making some to sell. Well here are my latest Exploding Boxes and if you look HERE you will see the Box I made for Becki's Baby Shower ....

And if you go HERE you can find out how to make one!!!

So now you know what an exploding box is :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tis the season ....

To catch up with last years Christmas photos!!!

Kaiser Deck the Halls range of papers and epoxy brads, a kit from NZ Scrapbook

Friday, December 5, 2008

Blog Award :)

I have had a rough week. I have been back at work and missing Jase terribly but when I checked my emails today this just made my day

I got this wonderful award from Paula Thanks for making my day Paula! :)
And here are other blogs I regularly visit and have tagged with this award! If you are listed here please snag that award icon and post on your blog. Link back here and add 7 others you love to visit. FUN to share blog love!

7 others blog I visit regularly and tag:

Monday, November 24, 2008

more LO's .....

Here are two from our Good friend Samantha's 4th Birthday party ... one page for Riley and one for Abbey :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Time on my hands ....

With Jase away and me avoiding bed until I can't keep my eyes open, I have been a machine when it comes to scrapping!

I have a box, it's a throw everything to do with scrapping in box. I have movie stubs, concert tickets, photos, magazine cuttings etc etc etc in it. I have a mission to empty the box, and when I say empty finally get around to scrapping it all! I have already taken a chunk out of the box and I feel great! I must admit things are in that box from 2 years ago! My scrapping style has changed a lot so some of the stuff I saved for a page have gone right into the bin lol!! But there are some treasures in there! So far I have only found stuff that belongs to Riley, it is nice though because I have been doing way more of the cutesey girly LO's lately so it feels good to be focusing on my son!

Here are my efforts so far .....

I found this photo in the box ... it was taken by one of the teachers at Rileys pre-school, when he was in the Babies room! Too cute!

This was the Toddle Waddle from 2007!! I found the Toddle Waddle Stickers and a photo copy of the certificate the kids recieved, since I have the original certificate in Riley's pre-school folder I binned the photo copy and I only used one of the 20 Toddle Waddle stickers!!!

I had a TON of stuff from the Hi-5 Concert in the box, programme, newspaper clipping, tickets, stickers, tags ... I only used 10 of the little stickers (2 of each band member) 2 Hi-5 hand tags and the concert tickets ... everything else got binned! I was so brave!

This photo was in the box, it had been on the wall or refridgerator for a LONG time, when I first printed it, it was black & white!!! The sun must have got to it and changed it to the lovely greeny colour! but I still love the photo!

and the last one ... I had collected wrapping from Riley's easter eggs and a little basket we got at a friends but I didn't use any of it!! It all got binned!! Well that's not true Abbey is now wandering around with the little easter basket!

I feel great for achieving so much!!! Now onto the next one!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Mummy's Christmas Present

Still have more recipe cards to make but otherwise DONE!!
I used The Kaiser Vagabond papers, which I totally LOVE!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My husband is leaving NZ forever on Tuesday.

I am sad ...

to say the least. The kids and I will be joining him ... eventually. We don't know when we will be able to, or how long it will take. Jase is re-inlisting in the US Marines and this is why we will be moving to America

Jase was working part time to save for his plane ticket and on Wednesday he bought it. He will leave and go through the re-inlistment process, train for his new job and then get stationed somewhere in USA. Then he will send for us. We will live on the Marine Base (anyone seen the show Army Wives? I haven't and maybe I should!)
We could be here for a while without him so the plan is to move back to Whangarei and live with Mum and Dad, after he leaves until we leave.

SOOOOO much to do and think about and sell!
Too Much going on in my head so if I don't post anything for a while this is why.

Until next time ....

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Achievements!!

Here is what I have completed over the last two days ...

Two cards ... A Thankyou and a Baby Shower card

And an Exploding Box, I have made the pages months up to 12mths plus some extra things like First Tooth, Lock of Hair etc, I'm quite stoked with how it turned out!

I'm hoping that these couple of projects have given me enough inspiration to get out of my Scrappers Block, we shall see tomorrow when I attemp some more!!!

Watch this space!!

I have had what they call Scrappers-Block as well as a nasty tummy bug so no crafting has been done for a while. BUT!! Last night I put my toes in and made a card and have started to make an exploding box for a Pregnant friend, photos to come so WATCH THIS SPACE

Sunday, November 2, 2008

RAK Winners

I went off to and put in everyones names and to my surprise TWO kiwis were on the list!!!
Can Kristine, Nic and Cathy #4639 send me their details to and I'll get your halloween goody boxes off to you!!

Thanks for all your wonderful comments everyone!

Back to normal

Sigh ... as much as I love parties and decorating it is nice to finally have the house back to normal today. (apart from a few rougue balloons!)
Here is how my Tables looked at the party ...

And here is how it looks today ahhhh I have my crafting space back!!

Now I have LOADS of Halloween Pics to start working on!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


But now I am sad its over!! I am going to be giving away a RAK to some people who comment .. I have a few left over goody boxes from the party! So let me know your favourite part of Halloween this year!
Here are a few pics of the best Palmer Halloween Party yet!

This is Grandma getting the icy hand out of the glove for the punch and a few of my fav things that were on the table mmm yummy!!

These are my goody boxes full of the goodies!!!

My babies Abbey and Riley AKA Tinkerbell and Blue!!! Too adorable!

And here are most of our party guests, the rest were camera shy and hid on the other side of the camera!! We had such a blast I can't wait until next year!!!