Saturday, November 22, 2008

Time on my hands ....

With Jase away and me avoiding bed until I can't keep my eyes open, I have been a machine when it comes to scrapping!

I have a box, it's a throw everything to do with scrapping in box. I have movie stubs, concert tickets, photos, magazine cuttings etc etc etc in it. I have a mission to empty the box, and when I say empty finally get around to scrapping it all! I have already taken a chunk out of the box and I feel great! I must admit things are in that box from 2 years ago! My scrapping style has changed a lot so some of the stuff I saved for a page have gone right into the bin lol!! But there are some treasures in there! So far I have only found stuff that belongs to Riley, it is nice though because I have been doing way more of the cutesey girly LO's lately so it feels good to be focusing on my son!

Here are my efforts so far .....

I found this photo in the box ... it was taken by one of the teachers at Rileys pre-school, when he was in the Babies room! Too cute!

This was the Toddle Waddle from 2007!! I found the Toddle Waddle Stickers and a photo copy of the certificate the kids recieved, since I have the original certificate in Riley's pre-school folder I binned the photo copy and I only used one of the 20 Toddle Waddle stickers!!!

I had a TON of stuff from the Hi-5 Concert in the box, programme, newspaper clipping, tickets, stickers, tags ... I only used 10 of the little stickers (2 of each band member) 2 Hi-5 hand tags and the concert tickets ... everything else got binned! I was so brave!

This photo was in the box, it had been on the wall or refridgerator for a LONG time, when I first printed it, it was black & white!!! The sun must have got to it and changed it to the lovely greeny colour! but I still love the photo!

and the last one ... I had collected wrapping from Riley's easter eggs and a little basket we got at a friends but I didn't use any of it!! It all got binned!! Well that's not true Abbey is now wandering around with the little easter basket!

I feel great for achieving so much!!! Now onto the next one!!!!


Nic said...

you are a machine!! Go you!! But make sure you do get some sleep and plenty of vitamin C so you dont get sick ok?

Danice said...

I reckon! you have done brilliantly - that Hi 5 came out great! dunno what you were worried about, my fave is that yellow layout with the BIIIGG face, awesome!