Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little Girls Stuff ....

I am by far a Girly Girl .. anyone who knows me knows that, so it's incredibly stange how girly girl my dear Abbey is! She LOVES the colour pink, she choses skirts to wear over anything else, she loves having clips and hairbands in her hair and just recently she has discovered jewelery. I don't wear any apart from my Wedding and Engagement rings. She had a couple of bead bracelets and princess rings in her box which came from who knows where and this week she started wearing them ... alot. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with her bracelet (which she has been wearing since she was born)been at the jewellers. We took it in to get some charms attached. Anyway I digress ... Yesterday after dropping Riley off at Daycare Abbey and I sat on the floor in my craft room and made jewelery. We made a big necklace and several bracelets. She LOVED them. She wore them ALL day. After her bath she put her necklace on, I suggested it might not be very safe to wear while she was sleeping so we hung it on her dresser. Later that night when Jase and I tucked the kids in before we went to bed we discovered Abbey had ALL her bracelets on and had fallen asleep on top of her jewelery box! Too cute! This morning she came out wearing everything again.

What a gem I have for a daughter :)