Friday, February 19, 2010


THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY! >>> That means not having to walk Riley to daycare tomorrow morning ... not having to walk and get him in the mid-day heat and that is awesome!! Sadly hubby is working this weekend so no big weekend plans.

I am however looking forward to catching up on my shows with My Sky tonight ... my most favourite being Ace Of Cakes have you seen this show? I LOVE IT!
I have two dreams, they could possibly both happen but they involve having money ...
Dream #1 ... owning my own Scrapbooking Shop
Dream #2 ... running a party planner business

I want to learn how to make amazing cakes like they do at Charm City Cakes. That would ROCK!

Speaking of Parties and Cakes ... Riley will be 5 next month! OMG I know! Where have the last 5 years gone?? When Riley was in my tum tum Jase and I talked about birthdays and how we were going to be horribly mean and not throw a party for our children every year, only the special ones so 1-5-10-13-16-21. Which means this is Rileys first Birthday party since his 1st (hehe) I LOVE hosting parties and I try go all out (those who have been to our Annual Halloween Parties know what I'm talking about look HERE HERE HERE and HERE) Riley has chosen a Robot theme .. I am excited! Its a challenge but gonna be OH So FUN! I have been madly researching EVERYTHING Robot Party related!
So watch this space for LOTS of roboty goodness coming soon!!!


Alisa said...

I would love to own a scrapping shop, I would LOVE to be a party planner, I would also LOVE to own a small and cute cupcake, donut and pastry cafe that makes amazing coffee.... OR a bookshop that sells cut giftware to.. :) but my main I wish is to be a photographer and maybe one day write a book but I have no idea what it would be about.. haha :)

That'll do said...

I would love to own a cupcake, donut or pastry. Right now. Oh yes I would. ;)