Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Accidents Will Happen ....

You know I always thought that out of my two Kids that Abbey would be the one to have the first major injury. She was the one who was the more adventurous, more brave and well frankly more accident prone, see HERE. So when Riley ended up with stitches in his eye brow I was surprised (see HERE) So again I was surprised when Riley was the first to break a bone.

Mum and I had put the trampoline up a couple of weeks earlier, but we hadn't managed to get the safety net up. The weather had been quite awful so the kids hadn't been on the tramp since we put it up. It was a lovely day and Mum and I were sorting some stuff out inside. Riley and Abbey were jumping on the tramp for the first time. They thought it was fun to be jumping off the tramp into the grapefruit tree. After seeing them both do this Mum and I decided it was time to get the safety net up. Half way through putting up the 3rd pole Riley jumped off and landed on his arm. He caused a fuss about it cried and was holding it gently. I told him to sit quietly while I finished putting up the net. I figured I'd keep an eye on it and see what happened. he was fine sitting for a bit, but when he tried to get up using that arm he shrieked and I knew I would have to take him to the doctor. So off to White Cross (the local A&E) we went. Several hours later we had x-rays confirming that he had fractured his wrist. A plaster cast was put on and home we went.

2 weeks later we went back to take the plaster cast off and get his more stable fibre glass one on. Riley chose a pretty blue (only because they didn't have his favourite colour yellow!)

Just before we got the new cast on

Getting his new cast on

Another 3 weeks after that we went back to the clinic to get it taken off! As soon as Riley saw the saw that gets the cast off he started freaking out. He screamed the roof down and we had to have an extra nurse to help hold him still. But we finally got there and apart from a skinnier, whiter arm from the other one, it's all good!

Now I guess I just hold my breath for the next trip to the A&E!!


Handmade in the Bay said...

Oh the poor wee fella! Glad it has healed quickly! I remember seeing the wee saw they use to cut the casts off, and thinking thank goodness I've never broken a bone, as I would be freaking out with that thing around me haha! Touch wood I don't break a bone now! Nice to see a post from you, and that apart from the broken wrist, you are all doing well.

jacksta said...

I felt like such a terrible mum when Ella broke her arm and I didnt take her to get it xrayed until the next day!
Whats childhood without a few trips to A+E

Ms Kate said...

My boy broke his wrist too! Gives you a heck of a fright as a parent! http://blog.mummybrain.com/2010/12/declan-broke-his-wrist.html

mandyb said...

scary when they hurt themselves ah!!! glad he is all healed now