Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mairtown Kindergarten Art Auction

On the last day of term Abbey's Kindergarten had a Fundraising Art Auction.

Several weeks earlier the teachers sent one blank canvas home with each family. The Adults in the family were to create a piece of art to put in the auction.

Being arty crafty I volunteered to do a few more canvases, and there were a few things I wanted to give a go so two birds with one stone kinda thing!! I also convinced a couple of friends to donate their time and creative flair too! Thanks Becky & Nicola!!

There was some pretty AMAZING Art Work produced by the families! It was awesome!

This is what I made .. All inspired by Pinterest of course!

Originals HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE

Many of the children also made canvas Art at Kindergarten which weren't up for Auction but were for sale on the night. Of Course Abbey made TWO canvases so I had to buy them both! Lucky they were so awesome!!
Here she is posing with them at the Auction ...

It really was a fantastic night! Every single piece of art was sold and the Kindergarten raised $1600!!! WOW!! That is FANTASTIC! The money raised is going on developing some of the outdoor area which you can read about HERE

Check out the Mairtown Blog for their version of the event HERE


mandyb said...

how cool!!!!
$1600 is wicked good on them!!!
and YAH you for sending so many wicked items to them to help!!!
love ya work

Cat said...

That is an awesome result from the art auction.

Rachel Kate said...

what an awesome idea! :) love your artwork! talented much xo

Stace said...

awesome idea for fundraising! Abbie is, as always, far too cute :)

Jenny said...

You and Abbey made some awesome canvases! Fantastic fundraising amount too