Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We Learn New Things Everyday

Today I have learnt A LOT of new things on a couple different topics, let me share what I have learnt about ....


Bloggers are really cool!! And fun and funny and really friendly, well the ones I met today were anyway! Since I was the BAD BLOGGER and the only one who didn't have their camera (eta that I wasn't the ONLY one without camera but in all honesty Renette did have her hands full with her ADORABLE brand new baby so she has a more valid excuse!!) I can't share pics but I can share some links to the most awesome morning we had with 8 Whangarei Bloggers!!
Paisley Jade wrote about it HERE
Neetz wrote about it HERE
Jacksta-B wrote about it HERE
Kiwi at Heart wrote about it HERE
The South African Kiwi wrote about it HERE
I really can't wait to do it again!!

I also learnt (although it was really a re-confirmation) that kids are so adaptable to making friends with new kids! Gotta love that all the blogger kids had a great time! Abbey was talking about Keke ALL afternoon!!


Now my whole life I have had a Dad, then two Big Brothers, then Male Flatmates, then a Husband who mowed the lawns for me. I had never in my whole life mown a lawn until yesterday. My Mum & I went halves in buying a mower and I tested the new mower on my overgrown lawns yesterday, I only did the front lawn last night and tonight I finished out the back. I have learnt A LOT about lawn mowing.
*Lawn mowing is rather satisfying
*When your grass is long you have to empty the catcher A LOT
*You can take the catcher off without turning the mower right off
*When you accidentally turn the mower right off when taking off the catcher remember to turn it back on BEFORE trying to restart it
*When you have had allergy tests saying that you are 'Violently Allergic' to grass you get hives and wheezing while mowing the lawn
*When you are as unfit and flabby as me lawn mowing is sweaty exercise! (this could have also contributed to the wheezing)
*Standing back and looking at a freshly mown lawn that you have done yourself is right up there with one of the most satisfying things ever along with a whole clothes line full of white cloth nappies, your child's first poo in the toilet/potty and looking at your brand new baby straight after it comes out of you.
*After mowing the lawn in the Summer a cold shower is HEAVENLY

I am actually looking forward to mowing my lawns again ... Jase I hope you are darn proud of me cause I am pretty proud of myself!

So what new thing did you learn today??


Leonie said...

Tracy it was an absolute pleasure to meet you today. I have been so touched by your blog and to meet you in person was an honour.
I cant wait to do it again either. What an awesome bunch of ladies huh!!!
Good on you for mowing the lawns. It would have been such hard work, especially in this heat!

jacksta said...

Go you! I mowed the family lawns from the age 8-17years. I loved it...however not so much these days. Our lawns are too steep..well the back ones are. But totally agree, a freshly mowed lawn is lovely...and smells great!
Really nice meeting you today, hope to catch up soon for a scrap booking tutorial from the expert :)...or just a coffee

mandyb said...

i love this!!! haha my dad would never let mow our lawns cos he didnt think i would do it straight!!! A-N-A-L!!!!
as soon as i started flatting (16/17) i was away...and have loved doing it since!!! (btw...need tissues??? hows the allergies??)

as for meeting other bloggers... the day looks fun!!! good on ya for going!!

PaisleyJade said...

Was so good to catch up today and Keke loved her time with Abbey!

Guess what? I just mowed our lanws for the first time last week! Talk about sweaty alright! Good on you.

Sima J said...

Yay for blogging Mums meeting! It was super fun!
Mowing lawns .. yes well I had to mow them as a kid and I HATED it because our lawns were HUGE and I get hayfever. Now the hubby mows them with a weed-whacker because they are half lawn/half bush and gorse!
Good on you for getting out there in this heat!!

Jenny said...

Nice day! And well done mowing the lawns - I never have (and never want to)

Neetz said...

Oh...I'm so sorry I didn't get those pics to you in time to use on your blog post...(((sorry))). I have just sent you a message on FB to explain that I have actually just found that my email to you still hasnt gone through (with all pics attached!!)... Im useless arent I? Sorry.. I got home, picked up my son, put Kendyl down for a sleep, then had to go to a school picnic, and have only got back to the computer now!!
(excuses excuses).
Anyway...like the others, I loved meeting you guys today! I look forward to seeing you all again very soon :)
Luv, Juanita.

The South African Kiwis said...

I forgot my camera too :(
But loved meeting you!