Friday, February 4, 2011

Following = RAK

Ok I noticed that I have 38 Followers on by blog, and 27 on my networked Blog on FaceBook... so I have decided to offer a RAK (random act of kindness or basically a PRIZE). At first I thought 40 but na why not aim bigger! So I challenge you to tell your friends about me tell your neighbours and when I get up to 50 followers on either the networked blogs or blogger I will give away a something (TBA) and when I get 50 on each I will give another something away! (also TBA)

So lets get connecting!!

edited to add FB Blog linky


Jennie said...

I already follow on both :)

The simple things in life... said...

You are so kind! Loving the latest lay outs! Can you post the link for your networked blog please :-) And I have passed your blog onto other friends too!

Terri said...

Right so I think I have done that and now follow you on both. I do follow you I just didn't do it "officially", although I am not stalking you, just following.

LatteJunkie said...


I've been lurking for a while but now it's official on reader :)


Anonymous said...

Woot! Now I'm a GFC Follower and a NB Follower (Already was via GFC, but new to NB)! On FB it says I'm the 38th follower. :)