Monday, February 28, 2011

Whangarei Bloggers Unite .... Again!!!

Had another fabulous time this morning with a few of the Whangarei bloggers I met up with a few weeks ago. What a bunch of amazing women (and kiddos) We Laughed, hugged, chatted, crocheted! and ate. The children played beautifully together and the babies were perfectly behaved!

So here are a few pics, since I DID take my camera this time!!!

Thanks for a great time ladies!
The South African Kiwi
Kiwi At Heart
Bassett Blurbs and Banter
Paisley Jade


Leonie said...

It was such a wonderful morning - again! i feel like I have been so blessed to meet you and the other bloggers. I cant wait to do it again!!!!

PaisleyJade said...

Love love loved our time!!! Feel so at home with you lovely ladies.

Neetz said...

Time sure flew today...they say it does when you're having fun!! ((I had loads of fun!))
Yay got to give you squeezes too!

Sima J said...

I'll definitely be trying to make it to the next one! :-)