Friday, February 4, 2011

3rd day = FAIL

OK so my 3rd day of February Blogging failed. I didn't blog or craft yesterday. I had failure after failure.

Failure #1
Going to the bank, as successful as the trip was, because I got everything done that I needed to it zapped ALL my good feelings away. Yesterday at the bank I had to change Mine & Jason's join accounts to just a personal account in my name. To say that was very hard is an understatement, to say that was gut wrenching painful getting closer.

Failure #2
Tried to craft. It was HOT and I had a 'haven't been drinking enough water' headache, so I poured myself a HUGE glass of water set it down on my coaster on my craft table and proceeded to KNOCK it over. Well I haven't cleaned up my desk in about 4 days and I have been crafting A LOT so you can just imagine how much stuff was everywhere. Thank goodness nothing was ruined, a few bits of paper got wet but nothing too serious. Still put me in an even worse mood.

Failure #3
My son, who I believe was very tired. Was incredibly BLERK yesterday afternoon so that really increased the mood I had.

So After the kids had their bath & I had my shower I crawled into bed with a movie and then at 9.30pm turned out the light. So last night instead of blogging & crafting I was sleeping!!

So fingers crossed for a better day today.

First up on the agenda is cleaning up my craft space, and any water I have on the table from now on will be in a water bottle!!!

So to a more happy, more productive day!