Monday, February 21, 2011

The New Weight losing/ getting healthy ME

I am getting fat. I figure in the 9mths since Jason has been gone I have put on at least 10kg. It's a shame that comfort food isn't carrot sticks and celery! It would also be great if I was one of those people who lost weight due to stress & trauma, but I'm definitely a comfort eating person so sadly while needing much comfort I have eaten too much.
So I have decided that enough is enough, I don't want to have a 2nd chin in all my photos and I want to feel happy about wearing shorts and short skirts in the summer and go swimming without feeling like everyone is looking at me!
I have been inspired by Danielle, Nic and Nicole who are all striving to become fit and slim and I am joining their bandwagon!
For me it will begin not by counting calories or joining weight watchers, but just simply to get off my butt and exercise and eat properly. When I say eat properly I mean eat a breakfast lunch and dinner with morning & afternoon tea in between. Right now my eating habits are sporadic and when I do eat it's not good stuff. So before getting into actually counting calories or points or anything I want to start out simple and get into a healthy pattern of eating regular meals, and better ones.
In regards to exercise I don't need to do it more often I just need to do some! I sit on my butt 95% of the time! I am incredibly lazy. So I am going to try and have activity in my day EVERYDAY. I am going to do all different kinds of things but I do not want to join a Gym, I need my money for more important things, like a house and I want to spend little to no money doing exercise, I'll let you know how that all goes!
Someone said to me that to form a new habit you must do something for 30 days. Well I think I can do this!! I am going to document everything!! That way I am accountable for what I do. But I also don't want to blog everything cause you guys might get bored so what I am going to do is open up another little page up there in the tabs called 'My Weight Loss Journey' and every day I will write up what and how I did. I have weighed myself and I will also measure all my fat bits and we'll work it from there!

EEEkkkk now I've written it down it must happen!!!

Wish me luck!


Alisa said...

Good on ya chick. I have a crazy amount of weight to lose and im taking it a day at a time. I gained back the ten kgs I managed to lose last year... I to dont want to join gyms or weight watchers I just want to live a healthier life, be more active and eat more good food. I will keep an eye on ya blog for updates.

That'll do said...

Good on you! I'm also one of those people that eat more when I'm stressed or emotional. Your approach sounds really healthy - I love that you are going to try eating proper meals - this will be great role modelling for your kids and also great for you. I lost 20kg by doing that, walking everyday and reducing portion sizes... well those were the main things. I even learnt to love vegies! I also managed to maintain that for about 5 years.... it's just been in the last year that I've put on about 7kg. I'll follow your journey and hopefully be inspired to lose a little of what I've gained back. Being accountable is annoying but ultimately helpful! Best of luck :)

Casper said...

Go Trace!!! The best thing I ever did was buy my Wii, I hate the gym and don't have time to go anyway. I'd also suggest counting calories for a week just to see if you're close to being on track, don't stress about being under or over, just use it as a guide to see where you are in eating a balanced diet :) Give me a yell if you wanna compare notes ;)

jacksta said...

Sounds great Tracy. On the wagon here! If you are keen for a buggy walking companion some mornings...Id be keen :)

My weightloss journey said...

You go girl, I wonder if they make diet fejoia wine??

PaisleyJade said...

Good on you Tracy!! I'm a comfort food eater too and had to get serious after having number 4! Go for it!!!

Jenny said...

Good luck Tracy - I need to do something too

Leonie said...

good on you Tracy, I too need to MOVE. I do fine with the eating, which happens when you have loads of food allergies (haha) but dont like moving much and discovered on a school trip today - I am rather unfit!!!

mandyb said...

YAH for you!!!
i felt so much better after losing a bit last year!!
sneding healthy vibes your way!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Tracy!! You know you have a huge support system here in your blogger world. You can do whatever you put your mind to.

I think it is incredibly smart of you to begin with simply eating better, and starting to exercise at home. You don't need an expensive membership at a gym.

You are going to ROCK this!! I only know you via blogland, but I know that you are a good woman, a great mom, and you CAN do this!!