Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Jason

Today is the day that my sweet hubby Jason should be turning 34. Technically tomorrow is his birthday because of the time zone difference between NZ & USA, but we always celebrate on our 7Th!

Don't ask me which one is Jase and which one is Josh cause I have NO clue!!!

Sadly Jason will forever be 33 because that is how old he was when he was cruelly taken away from us
Last year we had such an amazing day on Jase's Birthday, I'm glad his last one was so good.

This afternoon the kids and I are heading to Whangarei Falls to release 8 balloons up to Heaven where he is. 8 balloons for the 8 years he graced my life. Riley said to me the other day
"Mummy how will the balloons get to the right star that Heaven is on"
I told him even if they don't get to the right star Daddy will see them. Nic suggested I tell him that if he kisses the balloons then they will know how to find Daddy. He really liked that idea so I am anticipating some balloon kissing today!

This is the last photo we ever took of Jase

So Happy Birthday my love. We will celebrate your life even though you are no longer with us, because so long as we keep your Memory alive you will ALWAYS be alive in our hearts xxxx


Widge said...

What a beautiful tribute. Will be thinking of you and your family today ((hugs))

The simple things in life... said...

Happy Birthday Jason.

Sending you loving thoughts Tracie, Riley and Abbey.

Leonie said...

Beautiful idea to release the balloons. Thinking of you today, take care. xxx

Jamey said...

Thinking of you today :(

I think the balloon kisses are a great way to keep Jason 'alive' in your children's memories

Jenny said...

Hugs sweetie. Hope you had a great birthday today

mandyb said...

happy birthday ya date as so close to my birthday!!! so sending some of my wishes up to you...along with those balloons!!!

**hugs to you tracy and kiddos**

Sharon & Nick said...

That is such a precious post - it even gave me goose bumps. Remember he will be with you forever in spirit.

Better Scrapbooking Ltd said...

Oh Tracy, I hope your day releasing the Balloons and kisses went well. What a precious tribute. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.