Friday, February 25, 2011

Flashback Friday

I truly believe I was born in the wrong era ... I really should have been this age back when having everything orange was COOL ....

My Mum's Bridesmaid Dress was orange - my mum has style! This is my Mum and Aunt Brenda in 1971

Other cool orange stuff from the 70's ....

Orange Tupperware

This stuff is FANTASTIC and I LOVE it!! If anyone has any in their cupboard I will seriously buy it from you because I am trying to house my entire pantry contents in it .. I have a small collection so far but not nearly enough! Trade Me ROCKS for finding this stuff!

Kitchen Appliances

OK so I know these aren't old, they are new BUT they are old school style and that I like!! What I DON"T like is how expensive all the 'new retro' stuff costs!


I have always been in love with the VW Beetle & Combi Van I want one of each ... there is an orange combi around town here that I've seen ... sigh

Orange just rocks it really does!!
Oh and if you ever wondered where all this orange obsession started ....

The apple never falls far from the tree - my Mum & Dad in ADORABLE matching ORANGE outfits

Enough said!


Jenny said...

I love that you love orange so much!

PaisleyJade said...

haha - love that last pic. My mum's old pics are almost exactly the same!! Their first home together had everything orange inside... now she hates orange!

jacksta said...

haha you orange loving freak ;)
Will be on the look out for retro orange stuff...just for you :)

mandyb said...

i think one of my retro items is orange!!! cool ah!!!
as for those outfits!!! yip i am sure my parents wore them too!!! lol!!!

Jamey said...

You know, when I went to my first tupperware party, just before I got married - they had those containers - yellow, green & orange. I liked the orange, kept them for years and years - and passed them all onto my sister a few years ago - she has an orange kitchen. And a blue bathroom, a green laundry, a purple bedroom, and a multi-coloured exterior paint job.

Widge said...

we had those orange Tupperware juice jugs when I was little! I wonder if mum still has them?

And when I was bridesmaid for my sister 4 years ago she had us wear THE brightest orange dresses in the world. Seriously. There could be no brighter orange.

I will def keep a look out for you on my thrifty travels :)