Monday, July 9, 2012

Solo Sickness

I am sick
I hate feeling this yuck.

The worst thing about being a widow and feeling like this is the fact that I have no-one to look after me.
I have littlies and no one but me to look after them. So when I'm sick I have to keep doing all the things I do every other day because I have no one else to take over the jobs for me.
My friends, who are trying to be nice, say rest, take a break, relax. I can't. If I rest and not do the things that need to be done they build up and then I have twice as much to do the next day. I don't have that other person to pick up the slack for me and my kids aren't big enough to do a lot of those things either. So I get up and do what needs to be done. I have no time to feel like crap.

But on the upside
I have learnt to solider through things. I have learnt that I can be strong even when I really don't want to. I have learnt that a hug from my kids when I'm not feeling well is the best medicine ever.

I have a shop to get ready to open. I have a house to keep out of chaos and two beautiful children to care for. I have no time to be sick!

So for now I will wallow, the chores are done, the kids are asleep and I will have a little time to myself to just be sick!


jacksta said...


Alisa said...

I understand babe. I truly get it. I spend most of yesterday resting but had to push through today to keep on top of things... otherwise things fall apart fast. But also simply because these little people need me. Big ((hugs))

Leonie said...

(((hugs))) from me too....
hope you feel much better soon.

mandyb said...

oh hon!!!!
am so glad i sent chocolate with your late bday card!!!
need more????


Anonymous said...

I think being sick reminds us we are only human, and also reminds us every now and then to step back and look after ourselves. I also think the best part of being sick is getting better....(obviously lol) all the un motivated time and feeling blah puts a bomb up your ass and you will find you will be back ontop of things in no time xxxx