Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I am not a sewer ... I know how to sew a simple line and that's pretty much it lol I know the theory of sewing but haven't had alot of practice. Earlier in the year my Aunt upgraded her sewing machine and gave my Mum her old one which was in turn an upgrade on hers and so I got my Mums old one. I have been the proud owner of a sewing machine for a while now but until this morning I hadn't used it. I took a deep breath and I hemed two pair of trousers before the needle broke!! I am gutted .. but also inspired!! I just found a really cool beanbag pattern HERE and it looks really easy so I'm going to give it a go ... after getting a new needle of course!! I really want to do one for each of the kids bedrooms so I'll be on a funky fabric hunt on the weekend! Wish me luck!!
PS to all you sewers out there any hints tips and advice is MOST welcomed!!!