Sunday, May 3, 2009

Online Crop

Fiskateers had an online crop going on over the weekend for National Scrapbooking Day. There were HEAPS of challenges going on and I have sadly only had a chance to do two so far! I am itching to craft and do ALL of the challenges thay have on but sadly children need attention (who would've thought?) and I've had an extra yesterday too (babysitting for a friend) so no crafting time for me! I do however plan to put the kids to bed, drink copius amounts of cocacola (perhaps mixed with a bit of Kahlua) and scrap the night away!!
Anyway this is what I have achieved over the last few nights

This is sketch #17 at 52 Sketches, I just LOVE this pic of Riley, he looks so thoughtful! And for those of you who don't know Blues Clues HERE is the title inspiration :)

This was the first Online Crop Challenge I did ... The Challenge was for the Aussies and Kiwis only and it had to have a 'Time' theme or the word time in the title. I did this one quite differently from the way I usually do as I searched out a title first then chose the pics and paper lol worked well though!!

This is the second crop Challenge I have finished. The Challenge was to use the word 'BEE _____' in the title. As soon as I read this challenge I knew excactly which photo I wanted to use!! 'Little BEEauty' As I was putting it together I was frowning but the finished result makes me smile! It's also the first time I've used vellum in quite a while!

So I don't think I've mad a bad effort so far lol!! I have pics printed and ready to go for when the kids go to bed and I have itchy crafting fingers!!!

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Kelly said...

I also commented on your TIME LO on Fiskateers. I have been reading your blog lately, and Loving it!! Well done girl.