Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Belated 8th Birthday Riley!!!!

My first born turned 8 last month. 8 seems sooooo much older than 7. I can't believe that 8 years have gone by so quickly!

He was so little when he was born. 6lbs 8oz, my wee little guy. He has taught me so much over the last 8 years.
- Never be off your guard with a naked baby boy otherwise you will get peed on
- The very first time you get called Mum by your child is a moment you will NEVER forget
- You don't truly know what tired means until you become a Mother
- Even though you are a qualified Early Childhood Teacher and have worked with children and babies for 10 years it still doesn't prepare you for your own - and you DO NOT know anything everything
- Hugs from your kids are the BEST thing ever
- You will get just as much frustration from your children as you will receive joy
- Kids never cease to amaze you

He has also been through so much over the last 8 years. 
- moving house 5 times
- Getting stitches in his eyebrow
- Breaking his wrist twice
- Gaining a baby sister
- Losing his Dad
- Moving schools
- Losing His Great-Grandma

Despite all the not so great stuff that has happened he has turned into such a great little guy. He isn't perfect, we have our issues but he is sweet and loving and my favourite boy in the whole wide world!

I love you to the Moon and Back my beautiful son xxxxx

Tomorrow I will tell you all about what we did for Riley's Birthday! 

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Cat said...

Happy birthday Riley and hugs Mama xxx