Wednesday, April 10, 2013

30 Day Challenge

Day #5 - What Makes You Different From Everyone Else?

Give me an easy question please!!!

I don't see myself as anything exceptional. I am just a plain Jane ordinary girl from a small city in a small country. I have been through quite a bit in my life though, things that not many people I know have had to experience.

My Dad had a horrific work accident when I was 20. He is very lucky to be alive, but he became a paraplegic because of it.
Almost 3 years ago my Husband who was 33 was killed by a Prison Inmate in the Prison he had worked at for only 6mths.

These two massive events make me different to other people. I have a real insight into the sayings "Life Is Short" "Seize The Day" and "You Never Know What is Waiting Around the Corner"

Both of those major traumatic events happened very unexpectedly. Both of them changed me in a dramatic way.

I have become less patient and tolerant of other peoples petty issues, well to me they are petty. It has also made me more independent, resilient and strong. There have been as many silver linings from my tragedies as sadness. I have lost people who I thought were friends and learnt the meaning of true friendship. I have learnt life lessons I hope none of my friends or family ever have to learn in the same way.

So what makes me different to everyone else? I am a survivor. I have been to the depths of despair and crawled my way back out that hole and I have survived. I plan to continue to survive. I will do my best by myself and my children and I sure hope that they don't have to become survivors as well.

Because without the rain there would never be a rainbow.


PaisleyJade said...

You are an amazing lady Tracy! p.s. plus you are unique because you like orange!!

Sima J said...

Yes agreed PaisleyJade :-) You are definitely amazing - and yes .. because who else has orange as their favourite colour? (probably someone, but I don't know anyone!) ;-) luv ya! xo

Lisa said...

You are fabulous x

Leonie said...

Go you! Amazing - stay strong :)

Neetz said...

Wow...and you're unique because YOU get everyone commenting on your 30 day challenge while they just ignore me... (mumble mumble pity party).

Great post by the way..and totally get what you mean re: peoples petty ways... sometimes I want to shake my head and say... " that all youre going through??/ be grateful for that!!!" lol...

Love ya lots xx