Sunday, April 28, 2013

30 Day Challenge

Day 23 - 15 Facts About You

Fact #1

I own 3 cats. One old girl Phoebe and a brother & sister pair of kittens that the kids got for Christmas. Twinkles & Comet.
They ALL sleep on my bed. They take up HEAPS of room. I am now getting the nickname of Crazy Cat Lady

Fact #2

I am obsessed with the colour orange. I am slowly turning my entire house orange. I love it!!

Fact #3

I go to prison every year.


May 16th was the day Jason died. We go to Springhill Corrections Facility every year on the anniversary of his death (that is where it happened) to visit his memorial garden. We have no grave site to visit (he was buried in his home country America) so we visit his garden instead. 

Fact #4

I have a fascination with the supernatural, mainly vampires. I Love books, movies, TV shows that have these themes. Not sure why but I love them!

Fact #5

I am the youngest of 3, and the only girl. Growing up with two big brothers has it's good and bad aspects. I didn't get picked on too much at school because everyone was afraid of my big brothers, but my big brothers picked on me!! I turned out a bit of a tomboy. I always wished for a sister.
But I love my brothers, they are pretty alright!

Fact #6

My Dad is a paraplegic. He had a work accident 16 years ago. He's still awesome though! Even if he can be a bit of a grump!! My Dad knows so much about EVERYTHING. You wanna know something, go ask my Dad. He is a vault of information!

Fact #7

My Favourite flower is the Gerbera, orange is of course my favourite coloured ones!  I had a bouquet of white gerberas for my wedding and the girls had red ones. I have a couple of orange ones in my garden too. Love them!

Fact #8

I am a Early Childcare Education Teacher by trade. I started out as a nanny and then went into ECE. I did this up until Jason died (with breaks in between being a stay-at-home Mum) so it was about 15 years. I don't have the passion for ECE like I did before I had my own children. I would prefer not to go back to work in that field but it is nice to know I have a fallback career if I need it.

Fact #9

I have only ever been overseas once. Jase and I went to America back when Riley was only 1 1/2 years old. I was newly pregnant with Abbey at the time so I guess she came too! I had such a great time! We spent a month there visiting with his family and travelling around a bit. We went to New York and Washington DC. Jase also took me on a tour of many of the places that were important to him when he was growing up, schools, old houses etc. It was such a great trip. 

Top of the Empire State Building NYC

Fact #10

I have sleeping issues. Ever since Jason died. So for the last 3 years I have had a bit off an insomnia issue. To begin with it was the dreams, I was afraid to go to sleep because as soon as I closed my eyes a little movie would start in my head of watching him die, or seeing him in his casket. I found if I stayed awake for as long as possible when I was so tired I couldn't stay awake any longer I wouldn't dream when I fell asleep. I don't have the dreams like I used to but I think I have just got into a really bad sleeping pattern which is pretty hard to kick.

Fact #11

I have a coke addiction
Coca Cola that is!! It has to be coke, not pepsi or any other brand. I get headaches if I don't drink it, pretty bad I know! But hey it's better than smoking or alcohol right?!?!

Fact #12

I have a foot thing. I can't stand going to bed without washing my feet. This is the main reason I am a night time shower person. I remember back in my night clubbing days, crawling home at 4 or 5 am and washing my feet before stumbling into bed. Everyone has a little bit of crazy .....

Fact #13

I am an asthmatic and I am violently allergic to dust mites and grass. All 3 of those things are connected as my asthma gets worse when my allergies are triggered. I have had these issues my whole life. Luckily I haven't been in hospital because of it since I was a kid. Through medication I have my issues under control. But it is still a pain to have to be on medication ALL the time.

Fact #14

I have been on TV for two different reasons. Of course there was a lot of media coverage surrounding Jason's death so that was one.
While my Dad was in the Spinal Rehabilitation Unit after his accident he was featured on the hospital show Middlemore. I was briefly in that too.

Fact #15

I lived in the same house from when I was born until I was 18. I still drive by that house every now and again just to see how it's changed on the outside. Once it was for sale and I took Jason through the open home to show him the house I grew up in! It was a pretty cool house in a pretty cool street and pretty cool neighbourhood.

I love google maps!!!


Miss Becky-Boo said...

Tracy is my friend, that's a fact. Hehe

Neetz said...

Great learning a few other new facts about you.... I never knew you had asthma! xx