Tuesday, April 9, 2013

30 Day Challenge

Day #4 - Your Favourite Photograph of Your Best Friend

Well this is awkward! I actually have very few photos of my best friend!! So I will have to make sure that we get loads of us next time we are together!

But of the ones I do have this one is my Favourite.

Jennie & Abbey at the top of Mt Parihaka

This is Jennie. She lives in Hastings. We met online!! Funny huh! But Jennie is my best friend. We talk EVERYDAY. She is my sounding board and I am hers. When Jase died Jennie and her husband Jon drove all the way up just to be with me. She has been such an amazing support for me and I love her LOADS. I just wish she lived closer!!

This Photo was taken in November 2010. Jennie came up to stay with me because it was my first wedding anniversary without Jase and also the 6mth anniversary of his death at the same time. She didn't want me to be alone. I will be forever grateful for her love and support.

Jen and I get together at least once a year. The kids and I are heading to her place these school holidays! I am SUPER excited!! We get to hang out for a whole week!!


PaisleyJade said...

What a special friend Tracey!!! Hi Jennie!!!

PaisleyJade said...

Whoops *Tracy (sorry)

Jennie Coull said...

Awwww hun you are to awesome for words!!

Neetz said...

Wow... That's lovely, what a lovely woman... you know what I Love Jennie now for doing that for you ... (cos I love you too)... ((hugs)) xxxx