Thursday, April 11, 2013

Amazing Volcano Explorer Weekend The End

The End

Well I have to say that I enjoyed this explorer weekend immensely. It was fun, I learnt A LOT. It opened my eyes to see things in a different way and it stirred within me a passion to explore my surroundings more. I am totally going to organise another Explorer weekend another time .. and we did only do 8 of the 50 volcanoes in Auckland!!

When I got home I quickly printed photos so I could finish Riley's Journal.

It is FULL of information and photos!!

We wrote a lot on the day that we visited the volcanoes. Riley and I sat in the back of the car while we were travelling from one volcano to the next. I wanted to get his fresh thoughts on each volcano after we had visited. As the day wore on his answers and descriptions became shorter due to tiredness but I am so glad I took the time to write it all down while we were doing it.  

So here are a few finished pages in the album for you to have a look at. 

What are your children interested in? What do you think would make a great Exploration Adventure?

I challenge you to take time time and effort to do something fun, educational and bonding with your kids. It is totally worth the effort!

Part 1 HERE
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Vicki said...

Have been reading all your explorer posts and wow what an experience for you all and especially Riley. Love your/his album at the end to record it all too. Am sure you will get to the other volcanoes at some point. LOL. Great job Mum. :)