Tuesday, April 23, 2013

30 Day Challenge

Day 18 - 5 Things That Irritate Me About The Opposite/Same Sex

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Things that Irritate Me About Men

1: Smells -  ok so men stink. They fart worse, they burp worse, they have worse BO. They just smell. And many of them don't seem to care about smelling either.

2: Googly Eyes - Men's obsession with a woman's body. I hate that so many men automatically scan the boob and the butt area. I would prefer if a man looked at my face when he was talking to me. 

3:  Pride/Stubbornness - I do not need instructions, maps or help with ANYTHING

4:  Peeing - Just because a man has the ability to pee anywhere standing up in relative privacy doesn't mean he has to. Bathrooms were invented for a reason. Oh and while we are on the subject of bathrooms, please aim for IN the bowl and put the seat down afterwards!

5: Grunting - Having a conversational vocabulary that begins and ends with SportsCenter. 

Things that Irritate Me About Women

1: Bitchiness - Lets face it, it's rare to get a bunch of women together for extended periods of time without having the bitchiness. I have worked in a female heavy job for all of my working life and there is always a certain amount of bitchiness at different periods.

2: Judgemental - Women can be terribly judgemental. Judging others clothes and look. What they drive, where they live. I have absolutely been guilty of this, but it irritates the heck outta me.

3: Gossiping - I HATE gossiping. It reminds me of the media, everything taken out of context. I am not saying I am perfect and don't gossip myself, but some women take gossip to a whole new level.

4: Image - Some women are obsessed with their image. Women who can't leave the house without makeup, go to extreme lengths to make sure they have the perfect clothes. Spend hours in the bathroom making sure they look perfect just to pick the kids up from school. Annoying!

5: Moods - Yes I know that for many of us it honestly is PMS and really not something we can control, but irrational mood swings are irritating, and my own irritate me. I hate being so hormonal and emotional ALL the time. 

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Renee said...

These are all So true!! I've worked mainly with women as well, and the bitchiness is always there, lurking in the background!!