Sunday, April 14, 2013

30 Day Challenge

Day 9 - A Photo Of The Item You Last Purchased

Recently I wrote a post about clothes and image titled 'What To Wear' The next day I went out shopping with my lovely friend Ruth and made a few new clothing purchases. 

Last night my Art night girls, Ruth & Janine, helped me cull my wardrobe and also helped me decide on loads of clothing combinations that I will be showing off soon when I start joining in over at Wardrobe Wednesday

We figured out that Orange (thank goodness!!) is definitely a colour for me, purple however is not!

I also bought this online at Hazeltree

I can't wait for it to arrive and test it out!!


That'll do said...

Tracy! I've been wanting to say how much I'm enjoying your blogging lately! They are coming thick and fast but often it is just when I'm feeling overwhelmed at work and wanting a little break that another blog post appears and gives me some perspective for a moment. So thanks :)
AND, please let me know how that skirt-a-thousand-ways goes... I've seen them advertised and I've been intrigued! Can't wait to see the fashion shots ;)

Neetz said...

wow.... that orange number looks interesting...definately take some snaps of you posing in it please... will be great to see! :)