Friday, April 19, 2013

30 Day Challenge

Day 14 - A TV Show You're Currently Addicted To

I don't watch much TV. I have it on ALL the time at night but I very rarely actually pay attention to it. It's more like background noise rather than something I pay much attention to.

But when I think about it a show I really like to watch is Grand Designs

There is an Australian version but I really don't like it as much as the UK one. 
Kevin McCloud totally makes the show. I love the way he presents the show. He's fantastic! 

I guess one of the reasons I love this show is seeing people build their dream homes. I would LOVE to build my very own dream home. Seeing the effort, pride and love that goes into these homes is AMAZING. Some of the buildings they renovate are spectacular before they even start! It is awe inspiring. 

Grand Designs Live House of the Year is Eco

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Leonie said...

Love Grand Designs - great show :)