Saturday, March 26, 2011

30 Day Photo Project


A person who's gotten you through the most.

I have 3 people I have to put in here ... in alphabetical order ...


In the worst of times after Jason died, which was after the kids went to bed and my family had gone home and I was alone quietly in the house these 3 AMAZING women were there for me. MSN chat has been a life saver for me and these ladies would talk to me and kick my butt and share things with me all night and often VERY late! And it would make me feel not so lonely, not so afraid and not so sad. I truly have no idea how I would have got through the first few months without Jason without them. They are my angels and I LOVE them dearly.
Not only that but Jennie (from Hastings) came up to be with me a few days after Jason died. Jennie and Danice(from Greymouth) came to Jason's funeral and Nicola (from Christchurch) and Danice came up to host a fundraising crop for me. I can't thank these women enough I LOVE them and they are all some of my closest and dearest friends, even though I've only met Danice and Jennie a handful of times and Nicola once! Love you guys xxxx

DAY 10

A person you do stupid things with.

This is Tracy and Amanda .. we are mental!!! Mands and I have been friends for about ummm 14 years. We have a shared love of oldies music, photo taking and craziness!! We went through a phase of getting photo booth pics taken and when we caught up last year we produced out 'own' photo booth pics. We always do silly things together. I have so many silly and crazy photos of us! Love you Mands!!!! xxx


Danice said...

awww, youre so sweet and i love you too xxoo

Unknown said...

awww hun, you really do say the nicest i am very proud to call you one of my closest friends!! love you back babe xxx

mandyb said...

best friends are the best aren't they!!!! xxxx

Jenny said...

Even if they are "only" internet friends, they're still good friends