Saturday, March 12, 2011

I {Heart} Whangarei

Back in THIS post I talked about different cool places to go in Whangarei and started writing a list of all the different places I wanted to visit here. I have since crossed off a couple places as well as added some!! So here is what we've done .....

Reyburn House

Reyburn House is the home of the Northland Society of Arts and its art collection. It is Whangarei's oldest house! It's just beside the playground at the Town Basin and is definitely worth a look. Stunning Art works on display and also many stunning works of art for sale.

Whau Valley Dam

We spent a good hour running around up at the dam. The kids had a blast rolling down the long grass on the side and jumping around in the puddles in the car park. It's really pretty up there. Definitely on our 'to visit again' list.

Mander Park

Mander Park is on the corner of Central Ave and Western Hills Dr. We have been to this park quite a few time and it is NEVER busy. I love that about Mander Park!! It has also been causing a little bit of controversy because there has been talk about removing some of the trees there to widen the road. It would be such a shame if the trees do go because they are one of the things I love about the park the most, there is also huge grassy areas perfect for running and picnics!

Limeburners Creek Wetlands

These Wetlands have been on a Top 12 Wetlands of New Zealand list! We went there today. It is right across the road from the SPCA on Kioreroa Road. It is surprisingly beautiful there. The kids enjoyed throwing rocks into the lake and finding Ant Holes. We went the long way back around the Mangrove Boardwalk. It was lovely. We have plans to go back and take a picnic because there is a lovely picnic area with tables and a nice big grass area.

So here is my revised list .....

* Mount Parihaka - we have been here a few times but I haven't got many photos, gotta get the photos!!
* Abbey Caves
* Ocean Beach
* Sandy Bay
* Whale Bay
* The Quarry
* Ruakaka Beach
* The Whangarei Falls (with Riley for photos!)
* The Quarry Gardens (same as above!)
* Town Basin (again been but want more photos)
* Heritage Park
* The Observatory
* Hikurangi Lime Rocks
* Ruakaka Refinery Visitors Centre
* Waipu
* Clapham Clocks
* Riverside Reserve
* Laurie Hall Park
* Limestone Island

Here's to exploring more of my local attractions!!! How many places have you been in your local area?????

P.S. wanna know what bloggers kids get into at a really early age ......

Who knows where that comes from!!!


Jorose said...

Awesome Tracey!

jacksta said...

Yikes theres a few things on this list I still haven't done yet! Must be time for some adventures with the kids