Thursday, March 3, 2011

NZ Book Month

I am and always have been a book worm I LOVE reading, Jason not so much. Last year he started reading a book. He read in bed, on the toilet, in the bath. I was very proud that he was getting so into a book! Sadly Jase never got to finish his book, he died 2 chapters away from the end. So I decided to finish it for him, and of course I couldn't just read it from where he finished I had to start at the beginning. And I actually enjoyed it!! It now sits on my bedside table, still marked where he finished, and I'm guessing it always will .... anyway .. this is the book ...

Waiter Rant - Steve Dublanica

Now after Jason left the US Marines he waited tables and bar tended for several years (until after we got married!) so I completely understand why he enjoyed this book so much!! I already had respect for waiters before I read this book, hearing horror stories from Jase, but after reading this book I have even more! The horrible customers and working conditions etc that they have to deal with is AWFUL! But I also have to remember that it is in America and our waiters and bar staff here in NZ are not working for tips which are essentially their wages, and hopefully some better working conditions, although I am sure not always.

Now this book essentially started as a blog and then was published (hope for ALL us in blog land!) so HERE is the blog that started it all, which is still actively blogged in!!

Don't forget to keep up with what is happening near you for NZ Book Month HERE

Happy reading everyone!


PaisleyJade said...

Sounds like a fab book - and rather precious that you have it still with his pages marked.

jacksta said...

:( Not fair that he didn't get to finish his book.

Jenny said...

I am also a bookworm - I'll read almost anything. I'm so sorry that Jason never had the chance to finish his book